In grade 9, we need to make a community project for several months. Every student chose their themes and made some groups no more than 3 teammates each.

One-third of the Summer Holiday was over, I have two-thirds of the Summer Holiday time. So I need to prepare the Community Project to let my project successful.

I chose the theme: Use Computer Safely. Which can teach people about how to use computer in safe ways.

During the 2019 summer holiday, I am going to prepare the community project for grade 9.

What is Community Project?

In grade 9, we have to do a community project for several months.

Community Project can make the community better. Students can pick a good theme they want. Once selected, they won’t be able to change it or start over. For instance, there are some groups about Language Optimizes Community, Reduce Language Violence, etc.

It is an intersubject project. I need to use knowledge from more than one subject.

I am currently at grade 8, and I will be in grade 9 soon. So I have to prepare for the community project.

I prepared the Tips for Using Computer Safely

I have chosen my theme of my Community Project, so I need to prepare the materials for the community project.

My theme is Use Computer Safely, and I care about computer safety. I thought about 20 computer safety tips.

These are my computer safety tips, I will tell you the detailed information for each tip when the community project starts.

  1. Usually Backup your Data.
  2. Usually scan and kill computer virus in your antivirus software.
  3. Open your USB Drive by right key instead of double click.
  4. Safety remove your removable devices before unplugging.
  5. Cover your computer camera unless you need it.
  6. Do not arbitrary paste codes into browser’s console feature.
  7. Do not click or open unidentified link.
  8. Turn off Autoplay on your computers for removable devices.
  9. Disconnect and turn off WiFi if you don’t need it.
  10. Lock your computer when you leave it. (Win+L / command+control+Q)
  11. Check the beginning in the browser’s address bar when you surf the Internet. (HTTP or HTTPS)
  12. Keep off dangerous websites.
  13. Use strong passwords.
  14. Be careful when you lend your device(s), removable device(s), account(s) to others.
  15. Enable ‘Find My Devices’ Feature.
  16. Cover your keyboard while you are entering your password.
  17. Be careful when using public WiFi.
  18. Be careful when charging with public USB port directly.
  19. Always keep your software and operating system up-to-date. (Except old computers)
  20. Be careful when downloading files from the Internet.
  21. Use genuine software.
  22. Do not make a screenshot about the payment code.

I am going to open a WeChat Public Subscription Account

I will open a WeChat Public Subscription Account soon for the Community Project.

I’m going to think about the name of my WeChat Public Subscription Account. If you have any suggestions, please comment below.

When I opened the public account, the QR Code about this will be shown at the sidebar on my website.

My website has an extra option: Community Project

The Community Project will start soon. I added the Community Project page on my personal website. It shows the contents of this project since the Community Project starts.


These are what I am going to prepare for the Community Project. I hope the Community Project can be successful in grade 9.

If you have any questions, please comment below or send me messages.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Why my website and blog also obey Academic Honesty?

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