Going to the United Kingdom Summer Camp

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I will go to the United Kingdom soon by my school’s summer camp on Aug. 3rd, 2019.

When I am in the United Kingdom, I will study English and Programming knowledge.

I prepared well for the summer camp, and I am getting ready for this.

During the summer camp, my live chat will be offline usually because of the classes and time differences.

I may delay to response for reporting my program bugs or abuse behaviors on my website or report@kendeng1603.com, please be patient.

Where did I go last year?

I went to Chicago, United States on Jul. 13rd, 2018 by my school’s summer camp. I studied some computer skills in Project ‘18 at Elmhurst College.

I didn't make any friends and didn't send any gifts to my classmates even if I took it there, because I didn't prepare for the summer camp well, and the journey starts immediately when the 2018 summer holiday starts.

What Things am I going to Prepare for the Journey?

I am going to prepare some things well for the journey. I prepared my Summer Holiday Vacation Package, YouTube Channel Promotion Cards, with my new personal logo. Also, I planned to do my summer vacation homework in the airplane.

In order to improve my English ability, I will only do English homework when I am in the United Kingdom.

Summer Holiday Homework Package

My Packed Homework

My Packed Homework

On-Airplane Homework Arrangement (Chinese Version)

My YouTube Channel Promotion Cards

Front Side
Back Side

What will I do in the United Kingdom?

During the UK summer camp, I will learn more programming languages, codes, and knowledge, and I can practice my English ability by finding and remembering new words.

I will make more foreign friends and collect new English words in the United Kingdom.

My Goals in the United Kingdom

  1. Make at least 5 foreign friends.
  2. Collect at least 150 new English words.
  3. Share my personal website (https://www.kenstudyjourney.com) to my new UK friends.


These are the summary of my United Kingdom journey. I hope I can have a good journey.

If you want to see my current location, you can see it on this page, or my YouTube channels About page.

Thanks so much for reading!

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