Starting my United Kingdom Studying Journey

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Oh yeah! I arrived at United Kingdom! I am starting My United Kingdom journey right now!

I arrived there on Aug. 5th, 2019 2:30 AM (GMT +8, China Standard Time), so I am very tired and I need to sleep to get enough spirits for there next day. Then, I was starting My United Kingdom journey.

In order to improve and practice my English, My blog articles in the United Kingdom will not be translated to Chinese, include this article.

I am going to learn Python programming language

The main thing I go to the United Kingdom is learning a new programming language: Python. We also use it for the Minecraft game.

# I am going to learn a new programming language: Python.
print("Hello Python! Hello World! \n");

I will temporarily use British English instead of American English

UK uses British English, but I usually use American English. There are some differences between American English and British English.

I will use British English during the United Kingdom journey to make sure I can understand other’s language.

Also, I am going to collect at least 150 English words

I am in the UK, so I got a chance to practice English. There are millions of English words, I’d like to collect them as I can.

Last year in Chicago, United States, I only collected 25 new English words.

You can see the words I collected in my Quizlet.


I hope I can have a successful journey in the UK, and practice English as I can.

Thanks so much for reading!

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