Today is September 1st, 2019, the last day of the summer holiday. I will go back to school tomorrow. This is the last article during the summer holiday.

I opened our community project group’s official website and prepared the grade 9 community project in advance. Unfortunately, my WeChat Public Subscription Account will be opened a week later.

What did I do during the summer holiday?

I had some extra classes, and I went to the United Kingdom. Also, I opened the community project website and made its official app.

I studied some knowledge in the centre of Guangzhou and London.

The articles I wrote in UK

I wrote some articles during the United Kingdom summer camp to improve my English, you can see it.

I Opened our Community Project group’s Official Website

In grade 9 in my school, we need to do the community project after the semester starts, so I need to prepare for the community project during the summer holiday.

The theme of our community project is Using Computer Safety, I need to open the website, WeChat public subscription account for the community project, and I need to make its official app.


The next semester will start tomorrow, I hope I can have a nice score and a success community project.

Thanks so much for reading!

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