Happy 2020 Teachers' Day!

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Today is September 10th, 2019, the teachers' day in 2019. I need to send some gifts and greeting cards to my teachers.

I sent a greeting card to my English teacher to thank his hard-working, because I went to the United Kingdom during the summer holiday.

There is no evening self-study lesson at this festival, so I am going to write this article to let others know I did this.

I wrote a poem about the English subject.


English Communicates Around the World





English is not a subject,
it is a tool which can communicate around the world.
We need to learn it well,
to communicate with people around the world.

Thanks to my English teacher,
who leads me to the world that I can communicate with foreigners.
Let me open the gate
which goes around the world conveniently!

This is the last teachers' day in the junior high school

I am in grade 9, so I know we need to save time because grade 9 is the last year in the junior high school. Also, this is the last teachers' day in the junior high school.

This is the last chance to send gifts to my junior high school teachers because I will go to another school next year.

If only I could have time, I could write greeting cards to all of my teachers

Thank You greeting cards

I bought 4 cards in Chicago, United States last year (1 left), and 24 greeting cards in the United Kingdom, but I don't have time to write them.

Unfortunately, I only wrote and sent one greeting card to my English teacher.

As I am a grade 9 student, I am so busy with the studying tasks. Studying is very significant for my time, so I have to beat a retreat about writing greeting cards for other teachers. Also, I can't study and write greeting cards in unison.

Happy Teachers' Day!

Thanks my teachers for teaching us carefully and Happy Teachers' Day!

Thanks so much for reading!

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