Great News! I have been Featured by my Programming Extra Class!

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Yesterday is a Chinese 1024 Programmer's Festival, October 24, 2019, and I heard good news from my parent: I have been featured by my programming extra class.

I studied computer programming in TCTM over 2 years, I learned HTML, JavaScript, CSS website programming language and created my personal website using my programming knowledge.

I have strong computer skills, not only on programming. Also, I can help my classmates and my teachers to solve computer problems at my school when they need my help.

I've already featured by my English extra class, and I keep studying English and computer programming.

View my Skills

My Programming Class

I always listen carefully during the class and usually raise my hand to answer questions. When other classmates have programming problems, I am going to help them to solve. I always get a high score for the exams, even full marks. Also, I finish and hand in my programming homework on time.

When I am boring, I usually discuss programming problems and news with my teacher or use programming knowledge to make some computer programs such as Countdown Clock, Data Analyzer, etc. and let computers solve the problems in real life. I think computer can be used for calculating, so I can make some computer programs to let computer help to calculate faster.

View my Programming Projects

Introduce with Programming Language


var programming = {
    name: "Ken",
    school: "TCTM",
    howLong: 2 + " years",
    projects: ["Countdown Clock", "Data Analyzer"],
    personalWebsite: "",
    language: ["HTML", "JavaScript", "CSS"],
alert("Hello World! My name is " + + ". I am learning programming in " + + " for " + programming.howLong + ". I made some programming projects, such as " + programming.projects + ". I have my personal website, it is " + programming.personalWebsite + ". I learned " + programming.language + ".");


$programming = array(
    "name" => "Ken",
    "school" => "TCTM",
    "howLong" => 2 . " years",
    "projects" => "Countdown Clock, Data Analyzer",
    "personalWebsite" => "",
    "language" => "HTML, JavaScript, CSS",
echo "Hello World! My name is " . $programming["name"] . ". I am learning programming in " . $programming["school"] . " for " . $programming["howLong"] . ". I made some programming projects, such as " . $programming["projects"] . ". I have my personal website, it is " . $programming["personalWebsite"] . ". I learned " . $programming["language"] . ".";


In the future, I hope I can come on, study programming better, participate in more programming competitions, speed up Artificial Intelligence developing, make better programs to solve more problems in real life!

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Thanks so much for reading!

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    1. Yes, I like programming and mathematics very much. I can program with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, C++, MySQL and Python. Some parts on my personal website are programmed by me.

  1. Awesome expected post you shared here, I will require it many times, and here the outstanding selection of topic also makes me more jolly, please hope more blog post we get from you. Thanks advances!!!

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