As I am a grade-9 junior high student, my daily studying tasks are heavier than a bookshelf that has hundreds of books. I need to take time to study, chat with my friends, recite new English words, write my blog, record my YouTube videos, and so on.

However, some useful apps can relax yourself, help you to study better, improve your English, manage your time better, and so on. I always feel relaxed while I am using the apps I recommended.

Recently, I got a full mark (150/150 points) on my mathematics exam, which is an excellent score!

I’m a Chinese junior high student. I usually practice words with Quizlet during the Aipei English lesson’s break time. When I am boring, I read other’s blog articles, practice words with Quizlet or write my blog articles. Also, I arrange myself after I get up and before I sleep with my to-do list.

This recommendation appears on my old website, but it disappears on my new website.

Today I am going to introduce 8 kinds of useful apps for students.

1. Practice English Words


Quizlet is an English Word Practice Software, which can let me remember new English words rapidly by playing some fun games on it such as match, write, gravity, etc.

You just need to create a study set and type the new words and its meaning first, then view the flashcards and play the games repeatedly until you remembered them.

Go to Quizlet

2. Practice English Grammar


Grammarly is an English Grammar Correction Software, which has mobile phone keyboard apps, Chrome/Firefox extension, etc. Certainly, it can check and correct your English grammar as you type.

When it detects wrong spelling or grammar, it will show a red underline and the correct grammar on it, then you can fix the mistakes. By the way, you also can study English grammar knowledge from it.

In order to practice your English grammar ability, you should turn off the grammar detector and use normal keyboard first and write English by yourself. Then you can turn it on to check grammar.

Go to Grammarly

3. English Speech


TED is an English speech organization, which has millions of English speeches that you can listen to.

You can listen to English speeches there, which is completely free. Meanwhile, it has a mobile app, so you can download the video of audio of the speeches. So, I usually listen to English speeches in the car, like listening to music.

Go to TED

4. To-do List

Wunderlist / Microsoft To-do / Apple Reminders

They are Reminder and To-do Lists, which can let me manage my tasks conveniently. You can separate tasks into groups and folders, and set the reminder of a to-do list so it will be very punctual to remind me by sending the notifications to your devices.

A task contains multiple steps or cautions, so you can write it clearly. After you have finished your task or a step, you can check the checkbox.

You need to create an account for this so you can sync between your computers and your phone, which is the advantage of it.

If you can’t wait to do your things, just add it to your to-do list and set a reminder. Do studying tasks before doing your own things!

I separated my to-do list into four groups. Therefore, I usually do my things from the top to the bottom, which have been listed from important to unimportant from top to bottom. Also, I always check my to-do list and my read-later list every morning.

If your school bans electronic devices such as phones, you can write your list into a paper, then transfer your lists to your online to-do list after school.

My To-do List Groups

  1. Urgent tasks
  2. Important tasks
  3. Peripheral tasks
  4. Optional tasks

Note: You can access or to view and edit your list online when you are using the school computer.

Go to Wunderlist Go to Microsoft To-do

5. Read Later List


Pocket is a read-later list. If you found an article what you want to read and can’t read right now, you can add it into the list. Then you can take out and read them in your free time.

It has mobile apps and browser plugins, so you can save an article by click the share button in your phone browser and click the Pocket app, or clicking the save button (browser plugin) at the top of your computer browser.

When you take out an article to read, you can open or its app, then open an article you decide to read. The articles have been optimized as reader mode without ads, you also can view the original article, it is the advantage of this app.

Be aware: The website is but not

Go to Pocket

6. Take Notes

OneNote / Evernote / Youdao Cloud Note (Chinese)

Students need to take notes every time and there are some apps about this because notes can make their impression of the knowledge deeper. For example, OneNote, Evernote and YouDao Cloud Note are online note apps. You need an account for it so your notes can be synced between your devices and never lose your notes.

You can separate your notes into some folders in order to organize them. I separated my notes to different categories such as Study, Website and Blog, YouTube Channel, Programming, etc. Also, you can change the colour of each folder in OneNote.

Students taking notes is very important because students are very busy with study, taking notes can reduce the forgetness.

If your school bans electronic devices such as phones, you can write your notes into your notebook, then transfer your notes to your online notebook after school.

OneNote is a part of Microsoft Office, so you need a Microsoft account to use it.

Note: You can access, or to view and edit your notes online when you are using the school computer.

Go to OneNote Go to Evernote Go to Youdao Cloud Note

7. Store Files Online

OneDrive / Dropbox / Baidu Drive (Chinese) / Google Drive

Students need to store files securely and sync files between devices so we can use the files conveniently. For example, OneDrive, Dropbox, Baidu Drive and Google Drive are online storage apps. You need an account for it so your files can be synced between your devices and never lose your files.

Please note: Baidu Drive prohibits the contents that violate China regulations. If you upload these kinds of contents, your Baidu account will be suspended or terminated. Learn More

Note: You can access,, or to view and modify your files online when you are using the school computer.

Go to OneDrive Go to Dropbox Go to Baidu Drive Go to Google Drive

8. Office

Microsoft Office 365 / Google Docs / WPS Office (Chinese)

Making documents are very important for students. In other words, students usually create Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel tables.

For example, Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs and WPS Office are Office apps. Certainly, if you have an account, you can sync your files between your devices.

Note: You can access to view and modify your files online when you are using the school computer.

Go to Microsoft Office 365 Go to Google Docs Go to WPS Office

Introduction Video


These are the useful studying apps I recommended for students. I hope you can study better with these useful apps.

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Thanks so much for reading!

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