How to Be Concentrate when Having an Online Lesson?

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Unfortunately, I have to stay at home to study and have an online lesson every single day. We need to be concentrate when having an online lesson because online lessons are also important.

My school semester has been delayed and it's going to take measures for having online lessons at home.

It is easy to distract when having an online lesson because there is a number of things that can distract you away from the lesson, so it is crucial to be concentrate.

Not only should we concentrate when having lessons at school, but also we can be concentrate when having online lessons at home.

Do you know how to be concentrate when having an online lesson at home? Follow me!

Disclaimer: In order to study English better, I have attempted to use new words and grammar points that I have studied recently. The English grammar in this article may wrong, you can find and correct them by writing comments below.

1. Close the Translucent Curtains

Curtains in the bedroom usually absorb lights and let you have a better sleep, which can prevent strong sunlight outside when studying at home in the afternoon.

My bedroom has a translucent curtain and an opaque curtain, which can absorb lights outside. I usually close the translucent one when study during the strong sunlight.

There're some sceneries outside the window, which can distract you away from the lesson.

You can't leave your seat when you are having an online lesson, because teachers and other students can see you by the camera. Not until the class ends can you leave your seat.

You can close the translucent curtains before the online lesson. Then you can turn on the lamp when the light outside is very weak without leaving your seat.

2. Close the Apps Unrelated to the Lesson

There are some apps on computers, which are unrelated to the lessons, especially games. They can distract you from the lesson, you will get low scores as a result.

Close the unrelated apps is crucial when having an online lesson. It is a way to help you to concentrate on study.

Also, there are a few online lesson apps, teachers can use which to monitor your activity to prevent distraction. Unrelated apps can occupy the network, so your connection to the online lesson will be lost occasionally.

3. Remove things Unrelated to the Lesson

Not only are there some unrelated apps, but also there are some unrelated things on your desk that can distract you.

You can put the unrelated things away from the desk, and put them to the right place.

I usually put my textbooks, notebooks, stationeries and other things related to study on my desk. It is a great way to be concentrate on study.

4. Pause Uploading and Downloading

Uploading and downloading are the impacts of network quality. Both online lesson and file transfer can occupy the network.

File transfer tools usually use as fast speed as possible in order to transfer files faster. The connection for the online lesson will be lost. Pause it can achieve the best performance for the lesson.

However, Baidu Drive usually limits the download speed under 100 KB/s for not Super VIP users. It doesn't matter to download Baidu Drive files during the lessons if you don't have a VIP.

Also, notify other family members pause to upload and download files or limit speed in the file transfer tool.

5. Close the Door of the Room

Different people do things in different rooms, such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, study, and so on. The sounds of activities can interfere with each other, can't they?

As we know, closing the door of the room can obstruct the noises from other rooms and reduce the noises, it is a physics knowledge I have learned.

Also, you can lock the door of the room in order to achieve the best performance on the study and prevent interference from others outside.

6. Different Students Have Lessons in Different Rooms

There is a number of rooms at home. Different students should have lessons in different rooms.

A microphone and a camera are required for online lessons. There may be some discussions during the lesson between teachers and students. If all students have lessons in the same room, they will interfere with each other.

7. Keep a Good Sitting Posture

In order to focus on the lesson, you need to keep a good sitting posture. Don't be too close to the computer screen.

If you have a bad sitting posture while studying, you will feel tired and it will distract you away from the lesson.

I usually adjust my sitting posture every 5 minutes during the lesson.

8. Adjust to a Suitable Volume

You may use a headphone or a speaker to have an online lesson. Their volume can be adjusted.

Loud voices can hurt your ears and having online lessons with a lowish volume can be hard to concentrate. Adjusting your device to a suitable volume is essential to have online lessons.

9. Use a Computer instead of a Phone if Possible

Both phones and computers can be used to have online lessons.

The phone screens are very small, which can hurt your eyes. Computer screens are larger than phone screens.

Also, phones are very small, so you will be difficult to concentrate when having an online lesson on your phone.

Using computers can study faster and efficiently during online lessons.


This is the article about my suggestions when you are having online lessons at home. If you are having online lessons, you can follow my advice to achieve the best performance to study.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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