Recently, I have successfully determined the topics and update period for my blog and my YouTube channel. I will publish some contents related to them and update them regularly.

Last year, I was always changing the topic of my blog and YouTube channel, so I usually posted videos and articles with low quality. Also, there were usually no updates on my YouTube channel.

Blogging and YouTube filming are my virtual careers, so I usually do them to study better.

Do you know what topics and update period have I determined? Follow me!

The Topics

The topic of my public things always changed in the past because I was not sure what kinds of content should I write. Then the content quality was very low.

I always indulged in some topics in the past, then I changed the topic after a while. For instance, I had indulged in YouTube filming, so I had posted some articles related to this. Then I have changed my topic to computer programming.

Recently, I have determined some topics of my blog and YouTube channel.

  1. Study Tips (Priority Topic)
  2. Tutorials
  3. Useful Knowledge
  4. Festival
  5. YouTuber
  6. Programming
  7. Guangzhou, China

You can see the articles list in different categories from the dropdown list “Blog” at my personal website’s top banner.

You can watch my videos in different categories on my YouTube channel’s playlist.

The Update Period

I have determined the update period, so I will update my contents regularly.

Regular Update Periods

I will update my blog and YouTube channel regularly. Both of their topics are updating a new article or video every 1~2 weeks.

If I update both of them every 2 weeks, they both may be updated at the same time or alternately.

Update Periods During the Vacation

I have some special periods during the Chinese holidays, such as summer vacation, winter vacation, China National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.

During the holidays, I will update my articles and videos every 2~5 days.


I always busy with study, so I may stop updating my blog and YouTube channel at any time, with or without notice. Don’t worry, I will resume updating one day.

I always update my social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I’mm a student and I am busy with study on weekdays (GMT+8, China Standard Time). I may not able to reply to your comments. Thanks for your patience and I will reply to them at the weekend.

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Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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