Today, I have added a voting feature on my website using my programming knowledge, which can collect people’s opinions. In order to make better decisions, I am going to hear people’s opinions.

Last month, I’ve decided about the topics and update period for my website and my YouTube channel that is study tips and tutorials.

Also, I have temporarily removed Cloudflare because it has violated one of my personal rules: “Internet services must not enable one or more features without user’s permission or notifying users”.

YouTube and Twitter also have a voting feature, but I seldom use them.

In this article, you will find out an update on my website and my YouTube channel.

Why I Hear People’s Opinions?

As I am a busy student, I am afraid of making some wrong decisions that can interrupt my normal life.

I have been making friends with my classmates, my favorite bloggers and YouTubers. I usually share my blog articles and YouTube videos with them. Also, I read their blog articles and watch their YouTube videos.

People usually make decisions after they have considered with multiple sides.

Sometimes I don’t have time to make decisions by myself, but my friends can help me to do a lot of things.

An English Grammar Mistake Found by my English Teacher

Last week, one of my English teachers has found an English grammar mistake in one of my YouTube videos. It has helped me a lot on improving my English.

My English Teacher has Found a Grammar Mistake in my YouTube Videos

The Voting Feature on my Website

I have added the voting feature with my programming knowledge. They can help me to make better decisions by collecting people’s opinions.

This is the photo of the new voting feature on my website, I have tested it for multiple times and it works normally.

Hearing People's Opinions using the New Vote Feature

After that, I can see the statistics at the back end of my website.

Hearing People's Opinions with the back end of the New Vote Feature

Also, I am going to add the voting feature in my future YouTube videos. They will appear at the top-right corner in my videos.

Privacy and Safety while Hearing People’s Opinions

Since 2020, I have some strict personal rules. My privacy protection rules are also very strict in order to protect my privacy and other’s privacy.

I respect your privacy, I never collect and share your personal information while using my website and YouTube channel.

I will update my privacy policy and terms of service for the voting feature and some new features on my website. You will see or receive the notice after I have updated them.

The voting feature is protected by reCAPTCHA v3 to prevent robots to do some wrong decisions.


This is an introduction to my voting feature on my website. I hope you can help me to make better decisions.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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