Recently, I have removed Cloudflare on my website because it has violated my personal rules, so that I will give many visitors a better experience for visiting my website.

In order to study better, I have some strict personal rules in 2020, which can regulate my activities and behaviors.

Cloudflare has added an extra layer from visiting my website that is CAPTCHA, an anti-bot system. Users will need to read and type complicated words or solve the reCAPTCHA in order to access the website.

I am the website owner. I didn’t enable this feature on my website at all, but it has enabled without my permission and notifying me.

Yesterday afternoon, I have seen the CAPTCHA page when I was accessing websites with Cloudflare, including my personal website.

In fact, when I see something unusual on my website, I will correct the mistakes immediately. This is the reason why I have removed Cloudflare on my website.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a company which provides CDN (Content Delivery Network) and website security services for websites.

It has some features, like CDN, anti-attack protection, anti-robot protection, and firewalls.

Cloudflare has collaborated with a Chinese company called: Baidu. It has used one of its services that is Baidu Cloud Acceleration.

If you access a website that has enabled the CAPTCHA challenge feature in China, you will see a CAPTCHA challenge page by Baidu Cloud Acceleration. It is like reCAPTCHA v1 very much, which has been shut down. Otherwise, you will see a reCAPTCHA challenge page by Cloudflare.

The Chinese CAPTCHA Challenge Page

Removed Cloudflare CAPTCHA Page

Why I use Cloudflare before this happens?

After I had changed my website from to self-hosted, I have enabled Cloudflare in order to accelerate my website.

I enjoy the CDN feature on it that I usually use to accelerate websites first. Then I have found it has some security features.

My Strict Personal Rules

I have made some strict rules for myself in 2020. They can help me to study better and use the Internet normally and safely.

One of my rules indicates Internet services mustn’t enable features without the user’s permission or notify the user. Otherwise, the Internet service will be eliminated up to 90 days.

I have been modifying my personal rules for 2020. They will be shown publicly as soon as possible.

Don’t Worry about that Problem

You might see the CAPTCHA page while accessing my personal website.

From now on, you don’t need to worry about this problem because I have removed the feature completely.

I found there is also a CDN feature in the host of my website GoDaddy. I have enabled it and it also can accelerate my website. Also, it has some website security tools.

If you See Something Unusual on my Website, Please Let me Know

Sometimes, my website is abnormal. I can’t guarantee my website always works normally.

I never put any ads on my website and adblockers are allowed on my website.

In order to make a safer environment and a better experience on my website for visitors, if you see something unusual on my website, please let me know. For example:

  1. See some ads on my website.
  2. Can’t access my website normally, like the problem mentioned in this article.
  3. Can’t send comments or click like/dislike buttons on my website.
  4. See some spam comments on my website.
  5. See some unusual characters on my website (especially my website’s Chinese version).


This is the article about the reasons I have removed Cloudflare on my website. I hope it can follow my rules in the future and let everyone enjoy a better experience.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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