Recently, I have updated my personal website to 5.0, which is the newest version. It has some new features that can give visitors a better browsing experience.

The reformation of my bedroom and my study things are coming to the end. Now I am going to have comfortable study spaces and essential stationery.

However, I haven’t start reforming my YouTube channel yet because I am currently designing my new channel, I will reform it later.

Today, I am going to talk about some new features on my personal website 5.0. Here we go!

Note: Some features require normal website. You should read my articles by visiting my real website instead of using reader in order to use all of my new website features.

Approx. 1,800 words, 8 mins

[This should be the audio of the article. However, I am very busy with study or I am not able to record the audio now. Please check back later.]

Attractive Home Page

Firstly, I have modified the home page in order to attract more visitors on my website.

I have changed the top of my home page to a sentence I want to say: ‘School has holidays, but study doesn’t have.’

Also, I have removed some unnecessary elements away from the home page such as contact form, virtual careers, etc. I have added some new sections such as featured companies or organizations, testimonials, etc.

My Personal Website 5.0

New Status Page

Secondly, I have modified my service status page, which indicates the state of my services whether it is normal or outage like my blog, YouTube channel, my server, my personal website, and so on.

I have added some icons beside the status for each item. It also has several colors. Each color means a kind of status.

This is a screenshot of my status page when my services were outage last Thursday:

Taking Cloudflare Back - Abnormal Status Page

Friendly Error Pages

I have already prepared some friendly error pages with my programming skills that can show if my website has problems.

When my server has problems or my website is failed to load for many users, it will display the error page automatically.

The error pages are friendly to prevent from losing subscribers and views. Also, visitors will not feel stressful if they see some friendly error pages.

Taking Cloudflare Back because my Website was Out of Service

Note: If there are some ultimate errors on my server, error pages may be displayed as a plain text (basic HTML) with default fonts.

Persuasive Newsletter Subscription Form

In order to let more visitors and viewers subscribe to my blog and newsletter, I have made my subscription form more persuasive.

Also, I will make my YouTube channel art, video intro and Thanks for watching page better to attract people to subscribe.

The target of the subscribers are students because I usually share my study tips and useful knowledge I learn from school.

You can find the subscription at the bottom or sidebar on my website. It also pops up automatically in half a minute for your first visit.

They contain this text: ‘Subscribe to have a Better Study Journey!’

My Personal Website 5.0 Persuasive Email Form

Voting Feature

I am going to make better decisions by hearing from people’s opinions, so I’ve added the voting feature on my website.

People usually make decisions after they have considered with multiple sides.

Sometimes I don’t have time to make decisions by myself, but my friends can help me to do a lot of things.

Also, I am going to add votes on my YouTube videos and Twitter.

This is the photo of the new voting feature on my website, I have tested it for multiple times and it works normally.

Hearing People's Opinions using the New Vote Feature

Email Newsletter

I also have an email newsletter on my website, which shares my study tips, my blog articles and my YouTube videos regularly.

I am using GoDaddy Email Marketing as an email newsletter service.

If you are a blogger, you can both subscribe to my blog via and my newsletter so that you can receive more of my knowledge.

My New Personal Website Email Newsletter

Changed Button Effects

I also have changed the button effects.

Button on my website 3.0 are rectangles, it has a line below when the mouse is on it. My website 4.0 has rounded rectangle buttons, it has a border when the mouse is on that.

However, on my website 5.0, the background color will be faded when the mouse is on the buttons. Like this:

This is a Button

Clear Instructions

From now on, I have made some instructions on my website clearly in order to let users use my website correctly.

For instance, there is a like feature on my website associated with Jetpack and, but users need to log in to before they can like. So I have added ‘WordPress Bloggers Use Only’ before the WordPress ‘like’ button to avoid wasting valuable time for non-bloggers.

Note: This requires JavaScript programming knowledge.

My Personal Website 5.0 Clearly Instruction Like Button

Also, I have added clear instructions on my new loading page and the email subscription form.

My Personal Website 5.0 Clearly Instruction Email Subscribe
My Personal Website 5.0 Clearly Instruction Loading Page

Removed Academic Honesty Reminder

In order to let non-student visitors have a better experience, I have removed the academic honesty reminder.

I have found a bug on Firefox and I am going to report it. It fires “document.body.oncopy” JavaScript event at any time even if the user is not copying contents from the website. Not only does it affect my website but it also affects many other websites. So my website usually pops up an academic honesty reminder unexpectedly in Firefox.

Academic honesty is only required for students. Some of my favorite bloggers are not students so I have made my website not affect them while they are copying my website contents.

Note: Adding this feature on your website requires JavaScript programming knowledge.

View my Skills

The Simple Reminder JavaScript Code:

document.body.oncopy = function(event){
	alert("Academic Honesty Reminder: Please obey academic honesty rules while you are copying contents from the website.");

Table of Contents

I have added the table of contents 2 months ago at the top of each new article.

It shows the main topic and the headlines in the article. You can know the ideas of the content before reading.

Also, you can click on the items to go to the corresponding section.

Better Privacy Protection and New Anti-spam System

In order to protect users’ privacy and prevent spam comments and emails better, I have made my new anti-spam system.

My personal website 5.0 and I have zero tolerance with spam comments and spam messages.

According to my Terms of Service, if you send many spam comments on my website, your IP address will be blocked temporarily. Spammers who send spam emails will be reported to the email providers.

Note: I have my new anti-spam system. If a spammer changes his IP address, blocks Cookies and modifying names and emails to send spam comments repeatedly can cause my website suspending to serve for every single user immediately. It will show a friendly error page: ‘There are too many spam comments and I am going to clean them.’

You can see the reminder at the bottom of the comment form:

New Personal Website 5.0 Comment Form

Approximate Words Count and Reading Time

From now on, I am going to show the words count on my blog articles in order to let users know how long the article is.

My Standard:
4 words per second, 240 words per minute.
1-240 words, 1 minute
241-480 words, 2 minutes
481-720 words, 3 minutes
721-960 words, 4 minutes

The approximated words count and reading time will be shown at the top of my articles:

My Personal Website 5.0 Clearly Words Count and Reading Time

Audio Articles

Why I Want to Start Recording Audio Articles?

I have planned to start a podcast in a few months. However, I am not sure whether I need to open a podcast or not, so I am going to collect people’s opinions using the voting feature my personal website 5.0.

You might hear my voice on my YouTube channel. I, however, don’t have time to update my channel because of the busy study tasks and school work.

I have bought a microphone as stationery in order to finish my school work about making videos and record YouTube videos. From now on, I am going to attempt to record audio articles with my courage I usually use while I am studying. I usually edit my audios on Adobe Audition.

My audio articles also have background music like my YouTube channel so that it can help some stressful students relax while listening to my study tips.

Also, it can practice my English speaking ability.

The Benifits of my Audio Articles

If you don’t have time to read my articles, you can download my audio articles and save it on your laptop, tablet or phone. Then you can listen to my audio articles anywhere. I usually store files on my phone using OneDrive with Office 365 subscription.

You also can listen to the audio while you are scrolling down and reading my articles if you feel stressful to read books and articles.

If the article has an audio version, it will be shown at the top of the article, below the table of contents. However, I may not able to record audio for my articles if I am busy with my study tasks.

1. The audio articles are available in English only.
2. I may not able to record the audio if I am busy with my study tasks or I am not convenient to do that outside.

Disclaimer: I may have some English pronunciation mistakes. Don’t use my audios in order to make English quiz.

The Template for my New Audio Articles

Hi! I am Ken and welcome back to my blog! I am a Chinese junior high student (blogger and YouTuber) from Phoenix City International School, Guangzhou, China. This article is going to talk about … .
[Article] [Stop 3 secs between each section]
OK! This is the end of the article and thanks for listening! Please subscribe to my blog if you are interested in. Then share this article if you want. See you in the next article. Bye!

Can’t Understand the Meaning of the Articles?

No Problem! I am Here to Help.

From now on, I am going to assist (help) some readers who cannot understand my blog articles or YouTube videos (even if you have turned on the captions).

If you can’t understand the meaning of my articles, you can contact me and I will help you to understand them and study better.

I am going to add the reminder at the bottom of my articles and my website’s sidebar on my personal website 5.0. I may also going to add it at end of my YouTube videos.

Note: I may not able to help you immediately if I am busy with my study tasks.

If you See Something Unusual on my Website, Please Let me Know

Sometimes, my website is abnormal. I can’t guarantee my website always works normally.

I never put any ads on my website and adblockers are allowed on my website.

In order to make a safer environment and a better experience on my website for visitors, if you see something unusual on my website, please let me know. For example:

  1. See some ads on my website.
  2. Can’t access my website normally.
  3. Can’t send comments or click like/dislike buttons on my website.
  4. Unable to vote on my website.
  5. See some spam comments on my website.
  6. See some unusual characters on my website (especially my website’s Chinese version).

This is an introduction of my personal website 5.0. I hope you can enjoy my new website, learning more study tips and tutorials and staying safe!

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

If you like this post, please click the thumb up button below, share this article, or subscribe to my blog if you want. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write down your comment below.

Have any questions or need further assistance? Feel free to contact me.

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