Recently, I found an abusive behavior on’s Discover feature, which seriously affects my feelings and experience.

First, I found that’s Discover feature some blog without letting the user know.

After that, I was indulged in thinking about this issue, which severely wasted my time.

Then, I found that it has an abusive behavior, so I was going to make a research. This behavior does not contain in my personal rules so I just need to mention this issue in the article to let readers know.

I am going to add this behavior to my personal rules to prevent this from happening again.


What is the Behavior and Why it is Abusive? has a feature which can feature some great websites, which is called: Discover, being operated by their staff every single day.

However, while their staff are featuring people’s website or blog, they don’t notify them. For instance, they featured a blog MiddleMe from my favorite blogger Kally in 2018. However, she didn’t know until her friend da-AL told her.

Furthermore, they feature not only websites but also self-hosted sites even if they don’t connected to and Jetpack. This means people’s blog can be featured even if they don’t use their service. This behavior is out of range.

It is abusive. Featuring people’s things like website and art projects without informing the author or author’s permission can cause some severe problems and infringe on their rights.

For instance, if my website has been featured, more and more people using and following Discover will access on my website. Then my server may reach the bandwidth or visitors limit, so my website may crash, which is severe and may cause my server outage or damage.

This behavior is called: Featuring a person or their project(s) without his/her permission and without notifying him/her.

My Doubts

After I discovered this, I had some doubts.

  • Some WordPress websites are not hosted on and not connected to Jetpack? How do their staff find their website and blog?
  • Why their staff feature blog and don’t let the bloggers know about’s Discover feature?
  • How to prevent from being featured on Discover?

A Similar Event

In 2018, I started my YouTube channel and shared some videos because of the inspirations from a summer camp.

I went to the summer camp in Chicago, United States in July 2018 and got inspirations from it. I like the foods, people’s custom, people’s attitude, environment, and teaching methods there.

After the summer camp, I miss there very much, so I was exploring there on YouTube.

Then, I had some doubts:

  • How do YouTubers work?
  • How do they post videos?
  • (etc.)

So, I started my YouTube channel on Aug. 14th, 2018, experiencing the life of a YouTuber and finding the answers of my questions and doubts mentioned above.

Opposite Facts

I have been featured by schools and extra classes such as Aipei English, TCTM, and Phoenix City International School. They asked me before featuring, which is a correct action.

First, they ask me that they are going to feature me as an excellent student. Then they let me write my testimonials and feelings about studying there and submit my photos. And then, they show me in the corridors. These actions were done with my permission.

Adding to my Personal Rules

This behavior is not listed in my personal rules, so there is no penalty for them. This article just pointed out that this behavior is wrong and they need to change, and it is not used for criticizing.

In order to prevent this from happening again, I am going to add this behavior to my personal rules.

After that, if this behavior happens again, I will take actions according to my personal rules.

This is an article that indicates an abusive behavior on’s Discover feature. I hope everyone (especially them) can recognize that this behavior is wrong and bad, and either ask for permission or notify the author while featuring their projects.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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