Hello there! Welcome to Ken’s study strategy blog! Today, I have determined that I will pause updating my YouTube channel during my 3-year senior high studying journey because of the busy study tasks.

I am sorry to inform you that I have to pause updating my YouTube channel during my whole 3-year study journey in senior high school.

I have enough ways to publish my ideas, such as my personal website and blog. It is unnecessary to have a YouTube channel for myself. Also, updating my YouTube channel takes longer time than updating other things.

Recently, I have attended a lecture about their busy school life and how she studies better given by an excellent student in Guangdong Country Garden School, the school where I will go into, studying an MYP course, which makes me a deep impression because I have gained a lot from it.

Today, I am going to talk about I have to pause updating my YouTube channel while I am in senior high school and why this happens. Here we go!


Why I Started my YouTube Channel?

First, let’s talk about why I started my channel.

I went to the summer camp in Chicago, United States in July 2018 and got inspirations from it. I like the foods, people’s custom, people’s attitude, environment, and teaching methods there.

After the summer camp, I miss there very much, so I was exploring there on YouTube.

Then, I had a doubt: How do the YouTubers work? So, I started my YouTube channel on Aug. 14th, 2018, experiencing the life of a YouTuber.

Since my English extra class started in September 2018, I met my classmates that have been subscribed to my YouTube Channel and talked about the issues on YouTube.

Since January 1st, 2019, I started to make friends with YouTubers.

Why I Pause Updating my Channel during Senior High Studying Journey?

There are several reasons why I pause updating my YouTube channel during my senior high studying journey.

Heavy Study Tasks and Difficult Curriculums

In fact, the curriculums in senior high school are quite difficult, and I need to work harder during my senior high studying journey than in junior high school previously.

I am going to prepare an IELTS exam during the first year of my senior high studying journey. After that, I will prepare for the university study during the last year of my journey.

If I were to update my channel, there would be a dramatic decrease on my scores and significant increase on my pressure. It will be a hazard for updating my channel while I am finishing my heavy study tasks during my senior high studying journey.

Requires Long Time to Make and Publish Videos

As we know, a video is a combination with animations and voices. The formula is: animation + voice = video

According to my research, the time of using different methods to update the same article and publish the same idea are different. It takes:

40 minutes for a blog article
30 minutes for an article on WeChat public account
240 minutes for a YouTube video
60 minutes for a podcast audio

Furthermore, the number of steps between them are different:

Blog article:
  • Write content.
  • Format.
  • Edit and upload thumbnail.
WeChat public account article:
  • Write content.
  • Edit and upload thumbnail.
YouTube video:
  • Write content.
  • Practice speaking.
  • Find a recording environment.
  • Record video.
  • Edit video and thumbnail.
  • Upload video and thumbnail.
  • Edit captions.
Podcast audio:
  • Write content.
  • Practice speaking.
  • Record voice.

Above all, making YouTube videos requires many steps, which is more than all other methods. Therefore, it takes more time to make a YouTube video.

In other words, pause updating YouTube videos can save me 3 hours per week.

Inaccessible for Chinese Friends

In fact, YouTube is blocked in China. So, many of my Chinese friends cannot use YouTube to watch videos.

If an article on my website is associated to my YouTube video, I will embed it on my website. Visitors in China can only read my articles without watching the video.

Meanwhile, the size of a YouTube video is extremely big, about 1GB, which exceeds the maximum limit of a single file on my server: 100MB. Also, a YouTube video occupies too much space on my server.

Therefore, the views count on my website (about 3,0000) is 30 to 40 times than my YouTube channel (about 1,000).

My videos are in English, so I don’t want to use Chinese major video websites to store my video such as Tencent Video (腾讯视频), Iqiyi (爱奇艺), and Youku (优酷), there are some long ads in which.

Opening a WeChat Public Account

Many of my schoolmates open a WeChat public account, in which they can public articles and share their ideas.

In my school’s grade 9, we need to do the community project, which can let people learn some educational things. For example, a group is called LOC, shorted by Language Optimize Community, which is going to let people to learn more about languages.

The community project teams have to publish their articles to others. So they have to open a WeChat Public Subscription Account.

I have my personal website and blog. Not only does it show my information and latest news, but it also shares my study strategy, study tips, tutorials, and traveling routes.

I have planned to open a WeChat public account at the end of the summer vacation last year but failed, because I started to prepare for an entrance exam that is ultimately difficult after the United Kingdom summer camp ends. Then, I have prepared for the exam for a year and now it was ended.

Now I plan to open it at the end of the summer vacation this year (before August 30).

Finally, I have Determined to Pause Updating my YouTube Channel

After my research, I have determined that I will pause updating my YouTube channel during my senior high studying journey.

YouTube Channel Pause Updating Notice 20200713 English
YouTube Channel Pause Updating Notice 20200713 Chinese

This is a notice about pause updating my YouTube channel during my whole senior high studying journey. I hope you and I can study better, strive, and overtake others in junior high school.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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If you have any questions or need any help, please send me messages and I am here to help you. I speak English and Chinese.

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