School has holidays, but studying doesn’t have. Hello there! Welcome to Ken’s personal website and blog. In this post, I am going to teach you how to ride the shuttle bus in Phoenix City, Guangzhou in English.

As we know, there is a shuttle bus service in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, which can let residents travel to many places directly and conveniently. It is called “楼巴” in Chinese.

Phoenix City is a residential area at the edge of Guangzhou, China, which has sufficient infrastructure, such as hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, and so on. Meanwhile, it has a traffic center with plenty of them, in which we can study together.

I used to go to the Guangzhou city center by subway, but I started to go there via the shuttle bus that is fast, convenient, and not expensive.

I am a Chinese student with adequate English skills, so I usually teach foreigners to use Chinese things, especially high-tech, such as Guangzhou Metro Transit Code (广州地铁乘车码) and Baidu Drive (百度网盘). Some useful Chinese things are not translated to English and many other languages. Meanwhile, there are a lot of foreigners in Phoenix City, so I am going to write this tutorial to teach foreigners to ride the shuttle bus in Phoenix City.

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This article is updated in Aug. 27, 2020 9:15 PM. I have checked the official guide for the shuttle bus from WeChat official account of Phoenix City, Guangzhou. The prices indicated in this article were wrong. Some of the prices are 7 yuan and some are 10 yuan. Sorry about that!

  View Official Guide (Chinese)

Disclaimer: I am not a staff of Phoenix City or its shuttle bus, but I am a resident in Phoenix City, Guangzhou. Some information may be inaccurate. I cannot guarantee that everyone can ride the bus correctly, but I have been using my maximum possibility and English skills to write English tutorials and providing help to foreigners.

Note: This content is available in English only.

What is Shuttle Bus and Why Phoenix City has one?

Shuttle bus is a convenient transportation service in some residential areas, which usually runs between different parts in the area and traffic center, and between city center and traffic center. It is common in Guangzhou, China.

Traffic center in a residential area gathers shuttle buses to all destinations, which is the hub of the shuttle bus.

For instance, there is a shuttle bus service in Phoenix City, Guangzhou. Some buses run between traffic center and different parts in Phoenix City, and some buses run between traffic center and different places in Guangzhou city center.

In order to let people in Phoenix City commute conveniently, going to offices and schools, and tourism attractions in Guangzhou, it provides the shuttle bus service for its residents.

The Destinations and Prices of Phoenix City Shuttle Bus

In Phoenix City, Guangzhou, there are 3 types of shuttle bus, buses in area, buses around Guangzhou city center, and airport express.

Buses in Areas Inside

The shuttle buses that run around Phoenix City area are completely free, but it requires a resident card in Phoenix City. This is because a resident card is required for entering areas in Phoenix City and the shuttle bus can pass through.

The lines and platforms in Phoenix City:

  • 12: Cuihu Club (翠湖小会所)
  • 13: Fenghu Area (凤湖苑)
  • 15: Fengming and Fengcui Areas (凤鸣苑, 凤翠苑)
  • 16: Fengya Area (风雅苑)
  • 17: Fengxi Area, Fengqing Area, and Xinghui Square (凤曦苑, 凤晴苑, 星荟广场)
  • 18: Fengying Area (凤盈苑)
  • 19: Tianlu Mountain (天麓山)
  • 20: Fengxin Area (凤馨苑)

Buses Around Guangzhou City Center

There are also some buses that run between Phoenix City traffic center and Guangzhou city center. The price is generally 7 or 10 yuan for each ticket.

The lines and platforms outside Phoenix City:

The price of the following lines are 7 yuan for each:

  • 8: Guangzhou Harbor Culture Place (广州港文化宫)
  • 9: Guangzhou Economic Development Area (广州经济技术开发区)

However, the price of the following lines are 10 yuan for each:

  • 6: Guangdong International Hotel (广东国际大酒店)
  • 7: Hongfa Mansion (宏发大厦, the line I usually ride)

I am not sure about the price of the following line:

  • 10: Science Town (科学城)

Airport Express

There is also a bus that goes to Baiyun Airport (白云机场), which is called: Airport Express (机场快线).

I know there is a special line to the airport in Phoenix City, but I don’t exactly know how to buy tickets and how to ride this bus. Sorry about that. It is on Platform 1.

How to Ride the Shuttle Bus in Phoenix City?

This is the Structure of Traffic Center:

Phoenix City Traffic Center Structure

Buses in Areas Inside

From Traffic Center

Firstly, enter the platform at the main gate with your card. Make sure you have a resident card in Phoenix City, or you need to register as a visitor at the main gate.

Then, find your destination and the corresponding platform. Make sure you get on the bus that stops at the correct platform number. The entrance for entering the bus is beside the pillar with the corresponding platform number.

And then, read the card again and get on the bus when the bus arrives.

If you want to get off at a station inside an area, tell the driver about getting off the bus before arriving at the next station in Chinese: “司机, 我下一站下车”. Otherwise, the bus will skip the station if nobody tells.

After the bus arrives at the big station at the boundary of the area (e. g. Xinghui Square), you can get off the bus.

From Stations in an Area or Big Terminal Station

If you wait a bus at a station in an area, move closely and beckon to the bus when the bus arrives (otherwise, it will not stop for you). Then, you can get on the bus.

Just get on the bus after all passengers leave the bus at the big terminal station.

Buses Around Guangzhou City Center

Depart From Traffic Center

Firstly, buy a ticket at the ticket office. The price is normally 10 yuan for each ticket.

Then, find your destination and the corresponding platform.

After an empty bus arrives, line up, give your ticket to the staff, enter the bus, and find a seat.

Next, fasten your seat belt. Remember! This is very important for riding a coach. The drivers sometimes may come to check and remind to make sure all passengers fasten their seat belts before departing.

The bus will depart immediately when the bus has full of passengers, or depart on schedule (usually at every hour or half past).

There are some small stations during the journey, you can get off when the bus stops, or get off at the terminal station. I don’t know the stations for each line exactly, sorry about that!

Go to Traffic Center

You can either wait for and get on the bus back to Phoenix City from the destination or the opposite stations that the bus comes from Phoenix City stops.

It is similar to ride the bus in the area to the traffic center.

If you wait a bus at a station, move closely and beckon to the bus when the bus arrives (otherwise, it will not stop for you). Then, you can get on the bus. However, the bus will skip anyway if it has full of passengers, which displays: “客满 (Passengers Full)”.

Just get on the bus after all passengers leave the bus at the big terminal station.

After it arrives at the traffic center, you need to buy a ticket to exit the station. The ticket price is the same as you go out from Phoenix City. You will get a coin instead of a paper ticket, like the green ticket in Guangzhou Metro.

At last, you need to put your coin into the slot (投币口) of the machine. The gate will open.

The New Shuttle Bus Transit Code

Recently, the shuttle bus has launched its transit code on WeChat, which is powered by Xiongdi Technology. It is similar to Guangzhou Metro Transit Code.

You can use the transit feature as long as you use WeChat and opened a WeChat Pay account.

You don’t need to buy a ticket, just show your QR code to the machine and it will deduct money for the ticket price from your linked WeChat Pay account.

How to open it?

  1. Open WeChat.
  2. Go to “Discover -> Mini Program”, and search “碧桂园楼巴”.
  3. Login to your WeChat account and link your WeChat Pay account (payment password required).
Phoenix City Shuttle Bus Transit Code

How to use it?

  1. Open WeChat.
  2. Pull down to view mini programs on the home page. (the same way to open your Suikang/Yuekang Code (穗康码/粤康码))
  3. Open “碧桂园楼巴” app.
  4. Click “前往乘车扫码 (Show Transit QR Code)” at the bottom.
  5. Put your QR code above the machine and move, until you hear this sound: “刷码成功 (Code Scanned Successfully)”.
  6. Get on the bus or exit the gate.

Note: If you use transit code to exit the station from the bus from Guangzhou city center, it may be a delay between your QR code is scanned by machine successfully and the gate opens (normally 8 to 10 seconds). The sounds are “刷码成功 (Code Scanned Successfully)” and “欢迎光临 (Welcome)” respectively. Please be patient.

Common Chinese Words in Phoenix City Shuttle Bus

This is the list of some Chinese words that usually appear on the signs at traffic center, in the bus and stations.

Chinese English
楼巴 Shuttle bus
售票处 Ticket office
落客 Passengers get off
客满 Full of passengers
开往凤凰城 Destination: Phoenix City
开往 … Destination: …
交通中心 Traffic center
上车请系好安全带 Please fasten your seat belt.
本车号: …
This car number is: …
Please take all of your belongings when getting off the bus.

Cautions for Riding the Shuttle Bus

  1. Remember to fasten your seat belt when riding the big bus outside Phoenix City.
  2. Beckon to the bus when you wait for the bus at a small station.
  3. Do not buy tickets a few days in advance because the ticket is valid only for today when the ticket was sold to you. Just buy it before riding the bus. (Airport Express excepted as it has a bus at 5:45 AM, so people should buy the ticket 1 day in advance)
  4. Be careful of the directions when riding the shuttle bus from city center because many shuttle buses gather at the station. The bus to Phoenix City displays the keyword: “凤凰城”.
  5. Passengers can only get off but cannot get on at the small stations for the bus from Phoenix City. Oppositely, passengers on the bus to Phoenix City cannot get off at the small stations during the journey.
  6. Please wear masks while riding the shuttle bus during the epidemic. All buses are sterilized every day.


This is an English tutorial about riding the shuttle bus in Phoenix City. I hope this tutorial can help foreigners in Phoenix City to know how to ride the shuttle bus.

Shuttle bus is very convenient, so I started to ride the shuttle bus rather than normal bus or underground.

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact me and I am here to help you (save my contacts as you may use at any time). Also, if your Chinese and Mandarin are well, you can also contact their staff directly.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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If you have any questions or need any help, please send me messages and I am here to help you. I speak English and Chinese.

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