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School has holidays, but studying doesn't have. Hello there! Welcome to Ken's study journey train. Today, I am going to talk about I usually have similar ideas with my junior high schoolmate: Kate.

Kate Lin is one of my favorite excellent junior high schoolmates. Recently, I discovered that I usually have similar ideas with her.

Since 2019, we usually have similar ideas on studying, publicizing, and making projects in my school. Meanwhile, we both have adequate English skills.

In this article, I will indicate the same ideas we have and the experiences and events about we study together.

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Similar Ideas I Usually Have

We both have about 5 similar ideas while we are studying in our junior high school PCIS, Phoenix City International School, which cultivates our creativity, collaboration skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, etc.

Feb. 2019: WeChat Public Account and Personal Website

On February 2019, we both have created our public resources, in which we can post articles and share our ideas.

I have opened my personal website: Ken Deng (www.kendeng1603.com), and Kate has opened her WeChat public account: 林杂琐事.

Unfortunately, we don't have much time to post many articles. Also, Kate's public account has paused updating for a year because she cannot find any topic she wants to write about.

Kate’s Public Account

Ken’s Personal Website (old and new version)

Jan. 2020: The Second Prize in a Math Competition

We both won the second prize for a mathematics competition, other schoolmates have won the third prize.

Apr. 2020: Email Addresses for Community Project

We both have created email addresses for our community project to let people contact us if they have questions and/or need help.

May 2020: Making Study Apps in Design Lesson

We both have made apps about study in the design lesson using MIT App Inventor.

Kate made a smart to-do list app, which has some extra features than Microsoft To-do.

I made a app called: Become a Better Student, which has many features, such as study plan, daily goals, schedule, to-do list, curve of scores, study suggestions, and correction notebook. This app has more features than Kate’s one.

They both are related to study, which can let students study better.

As I am an excellent student, I have my own study strategy and routine. So, I want to share my study strategy to let more students get better results.

Jul. 2020: Similar Words in Graduation Speech

We have had a graduation ceremony on July 21, 2020, in which every student in grade 9 said their words about their feelings and hopes.

Kate’s and my speech both use metaphor and contain ‘train’ and its related words, like terminal, journey, etc.

For instance, I said: The study journey train in junior high school for 3 years arrived at the terminal, we will cross the bridge to senior high school.

My Background about Graduate

Junior High Terminal Poster

We Both have Great Mind

We both good at mathematics, so we can think many ideas.

Since I was in Grade 8, my scores were better and better. Then, I became an excellent student when entering Grade 9.

Both Kate and I have excellent scores, so we have been providing study tips to others.

I reckon that my brain is as clever as Kate’s, because both of our ideas are excellent.

The Benefits for Having Similar Ideas

There are some benefits for having similar ideas with others.

If I have similar ideas with others, I can study or work better with them, because we are all interested in the same topic.

For instance, we both opened public sources such as personal website and WeChat public account. Then, we have been writing articles and talk together about the articles we write.

Why I Don’t Have Similar Ideas with Others?

On the other hand, I don’t have any similar ideas with many other people, like an excellent student in my junior high school, Alex Wang.

I participated in an English Spelling Bee competition in Beijing, China on April 2019. However, this is not a same idea, which is because we passed the qualification competition in our region.

Also, Alex has his own ideas to study and make their projects better.


This is the article about some events that I have similar ideas with my junior high schoolmate Kate.

We usually have same ideas, so we can study better together.

I hope I can have similar ideas with more schoolmates in my senior high school GCGS. This can help me study better and better with the help from others.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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