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Hello there! Welcome to Ken's Study Journey website and blog! I am a Chinese excellent senior high student in Guangdong Country Garden School. Today, I am going to talk about how does the correction notebook important and its benefits.

Many excellent students use correction notebooks to organize their mistakes. This is crucial for reviewing before an exam and reducing the mistakes.

It was I that tried to use correction notebook after the first monthly exam in my new senior high school - GCGS - according to my plan and my parent's suggestions.

After a while, it has some positive effects as it is useful to reduce mistakes when answering questions and it can help me to review holistically before an exam.

Today, I am going to introduce and demonstrate my correction notebook. Let's get started!

What is correction notebook and how does it work?

Correction notebook is a notebook that can store the questions - not only from homework but also from exam papers - that are answered incorrectly. It also stores the correct solutions and explanations of the questions to help students review knowledge faster before an exam.

We just need to copy the questions onto the notebook to collect new questions. Then, we can write down the correct solutions and explanations about the questions and answers.

After that, we can review it periodically before an exam by re-answering all questions in the notebook.

Some study tips and tutorials from excellent students, including mine, may not useful for all students. I think the correction notebook is useful although an excellent student in my class, Bella Li, thought that it is a waste of time. Please make considerations according to your situations.

We can remember and review knowledge as we copy questions onto the notebook, so it is useful to use correction notebook rather than just using exercise papers. Also, we need to cover the answers during the review period.

Why students use correction notebook?

There are several reasons that students usually use correction notebook.

Firstly, students do not want to make the same mistakes that happened in the past. For example, they do not want to draw computer logic gates incorrectly and reduce the confusion during the next exam.

The computer contains thousands of logic gates, such as AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, and XOR gates. They process with binary codes (0 and 1) and they can be connected to form a logic circuit according to the real situations.

We also write the truth table to tell the output values for each input value(s) to know the result of every situation conveniently.

Secondly, they want to review knowledge more holistically and firmly before and exam by answering some questions rather than just read the textbook carefully.

How to use correction notebook correctly?

After having a correction notebook, using it properly is very important because it will have no effects (or even negative effects) for improper use.

We should cover the answer keys, procedures, and explanations when reviewing the questions before an exam. Otherwise, we cannot answer the questions again as the answers are shown.

The purpose of the notebook is to answer the questions again so that we can reduce the mistakes.

My correction notebook

I separated the notebook into 2 books. The first one is the question book, which stores the questions without answers. Another one is the answers book, which stores the answers of the associated questions.

I just need to take a blank paper to answer the questions, and then open the answers book to check the answers. Each question has a unique number, so I can find the answers of the questions easily.

In addition, I usually write a reviewing plan on a sticker and stick onto the cover of the book, so I can review it periodically before the exam.

The difficulties without a correction notebook

There are some difficulties if we don't have a correction notebook because correction notebook is very useful while studying.

If we didn't use a correction notebook, we would not able to reduce the same mistakes. Also, some knowledge points could be ignored when we read the textbook.


Correction notebook is a vital tool for students as it can help students to review knowledge much faster and more holistic, while some students think that it is a waste of time.

Using correction notebook correctly is very important. Otherwise, it will have no effects.

Hope you can get better results with my suggestions!

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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