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I Added Hint Cards in my Bedroom to Improve my Self-management Skills

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By: Ken Deng   Published on Oct. 19, 2019

Approx. 300 words, 2 mins

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Recently, I added some signs in my bedroom to improve my self-management skills.

I have a good self-management skill but sometimes I am mismanaged.

As I am a Chinese grade 9 student, I am very busy with my studying tasks, and I need to manage myself and study in unison.

What are the benefits of the cards?

The cards can let me manage myself better by showing the reminders and warnings in case I forgot.

I usually see the cards so I can remember them, then I can stop my bad habits.

I am very like English, and the cards are bilingual between English and Chinese.

You just need to made the signs like that and stick around your bedroom.

What my bad habits are?

  1. Sleep later than 11:00 PM if there are too many tasks.
  2. Brush my teeth for less than 3 minutes.
  3. Use my computer without finishing my homework.
  4. Seldom fold my quilt.

Stopped Bad Habits

  1. Charge my phone beside my bed.
  2. Leave my bedroom without turning off the lights.
  3. Use my computer without resting.
  4. Prepare things rapidly before leaving my home, so I usually forget things at home.
  5. Don't use Quizlet to remember English words every day.

The List Signs in My Bedroom

List of Things to Take when Going Outside List of Things to Do Every Day

The Reminder Signs in My Bedroom

Homework Finishing Warning Sign under the PC Monitor Taking Rest Reminder
Do Not Charge Phone beside Bed Reminder Brush Teeth and Wash Face Time Sign


This is how I improve my self-management skills. I hope this tip can help you manage your self better.

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Thanks so much for reading!

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