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The Time is Fragile, Please Cherish every Second

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By: Ken Deng   Published on Nov. 3, 2019

Approx. 600 words, 3 mins

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As I am a grade-9 junior high student, my daily studying tasks are heavier than a bookshelf that has hundreds of books. The time is fragile so I need to cherish every second.

I need to take time to study, chat with my friends, recite new English words, write my blog, record my YouTube videos, and so on.

There are 24 hours in a day, but we use part of them. We usually do many of our things in the morning and take a rest at night.

However, if we use the time improperly, we will have less time to do the rest of the things because the time is fragile, and you will feel more stressful, so please cherish every second and get more time as you want!

The Time is Fragile. Please Cherish every Second

Do important tasks first before doing peripheral tasks

If there are some tasks that close to their deadlines, you need to finish them first because they are so important and the time is fragile. Then you can finish your peripheral tasks as you want.

If you finish your peripheral tasks first, you will feel there is no free time and more stressful for doing the important tasks.

Save your favourite things you want to do in your to-do list

If you can't wait to do your favourite things, you can save them to your to-do list (e. g. Microsoft Cortana, Microsoft To-do, Wunderlist, Apple Reminders) and set a reminder. You will never forget what you want to do.

When you see a wonderful article on the Internet, you can save it to your Pocket or any other read-later list.

In order to get your free time, you need to do all your urgent and important tasks first to unlock it. Once you finished all of them, you will be able to do your own things and your saved articles.

I separated my to-do list into four groups, I usually do my things from the top to the bottom. They have been listed from important to unimportant from top to bottom. Also, I always check my to-do list and my read-later list every morning.

My To-do List Groups

  1. Urgent tasks
  2. Important tasks
  3. Peripheral tasks
  4. Optional tasks

Do your paper-only homework before using your computer (for students)

Students usually use the computer to do things, but you need to finish all of your paper-only homework first before using your computer.

Once you turned on your computer, you will be indulged for doing your things on your computer and don't care about your time, so you will have less free time later.

My warning sign in front of my computer

Homework Warning Sign under PC Monitor

What do I usually do in my free time?

I usually recite new English words, write my blog, chat with my friends in my free time.

Every second is important

The time is always going away no matter what are you doing. If you waste your time, you will feel more stressful.

You need to save your valuable time. If the efficiency of the things you are doing is very low, it doesn't matter.


This is my feelings about time is fragile. I hope you can save your time and use the time properly.

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Thanks so much for reading!

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