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2020 is Coming Soon, Are you Ready?

Language/语言:   English   简体中文
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By: Ken Deng   Published on Dec. 23, 2019

Approx. 850 words, 4 mins

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The new year 2020 is Coming Soon. We need to plan for the new year. We'll make some new goals, make new friends, travel to new places, and so on.

We did a lot of things in 2019, such as study, read books, watch movies, make English friends, remember English words, chat with friends, discover more knowledge, etc.

We might also make changes between 2019 and 2020 to have a better life in the future. For instance, improve goals, make more friends, read more books, take more time to study, etc.

In order to have a better life in a new year, we need to establish a better environment and goals. In other words, making a better preparation for a new year is vital for enjoying a better time.

Today I am going to share some important things for my new-year preparation and a review for my things I did in 2019.

What did I do in 2019?

January to March

On January 2019, I had made some foreign English friends with YouTubers on Twitter while I was travelling, Then we can share and watch English travelling videos each other, and share and view photos on Instagram. As I am a YouTuber, I can make and share my videos with my friends.

On February 2019, I had created my personal website. The first reason is some YouTubers have their personal website and I wondered to create my own one.

April to June

On April 2019, I had been to Beijing for the English Spelling Bee competition. I had lost the competition. However, it makes me a deep impression and I had started to create my new study strategy (it had come effect on Sep. 1st, 2019). I had been featured by my English extra class: Aipei English.

July to September

On July 2019, I had thought about the community project I do during grade 9. I had chosen my theme and groupmates.

On August 2019, I had been to the United Kingdom for studied Python and Minecraft programming at Imperial College London. I hadn't achieved any of my goals because there are no English classmates and the groupmates in the camp couldn't speak English. I also had attempted to open my WeChat public account but failed, because of the spam emails on my website.

On September 2019, the new semester had started in my school. I had started my new study strategy had come effect so I have to study better and better.

October to December

On October 2019, I had updated my personal website. I had added some animations. During the mid-semester exam, I had gotten a full mark for mathematics, and the first rank in my class for mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer score and total score for all disciplines. I also had entered the top 10 rankings in the whole grade. I had been featured by my programming extra class.

On November 2019, I had sent my thankful letter to my favourite blogger New Lune on Thanksgiving Day because she is helping me to study and live better by giving me some tips.

On December 2019, I had solved the problem on my website about spam emails.

New Year, New Goals

Better goals are significant for helping you to have a better life in a new year.

I have created my new goals for 2020:

  1. Remember at least 100 English words.
  2. Remember at least 3 Chinese words.
  3. Collect at least 25 English words.
  4. Collect at least 1 Chinese word.
  5. Walk for at least 10,000 steps.
  6. Chat with at least 4 friends.
  7. Read books for at least 1 hour.
  8. Speak at least 75 English sentences.
  9. Raise my hand at least once during the lesson.

New Year, New Knowledge

Students learn various knowledge every single year. Knowledge can be changed in different years.

Students studying new knowledge can have a better discovering around the world because students can apply knowledge to real life.

In order to study better, you need to do studying things efficiently. s=vt. If the speed of doing things faster, you will finish even all of your tasks.

Colourful Knowledgeable Background

My Major Changes in 2020

  1. New personal logo.
  2. New personal website 4.0.
  3. New YouTube channel 4.0.
  4. Better studying goals.
  5. Make more English friends.
  6. Remember more English words.
  7. Read more books.
  8. Make some penalties for Internet services that suspend, disable or delete my account by mistakes.
  9. Better studying methods and tips.
  10. Clearer plans and arrangements.
  11. Cleaner and tidier bedroom.
  12. Improve my communication and social skills.
  13. Participate in more competitions.

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

In 2020, there will be a lot of changes around the world. You can explore some new things in the new 2020. If you already have your goals before 2020 and you can achieve them, you can upgrade your goals.

You need to set your goals and plans for the new 2020 so that you will feel better next year.

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