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Reform my Bedroom and Create a Better Study Environment

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By: Ken Deng   Published on Jan. 31, 2020

Approx. 600 words, 3 mins

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I have to stay at home, so I am able to clean up my bookshelf. By the way, I have to reform my entire bedroom in order to make a better study environment.

Recently, my parents told me to clean up my bedroom’s bookshelf because it was very messy, and I don’t have time to clean it up. I have to reform my entire bedroom to solve this problem.

I have stuck my study plan and daily goals onto the sticking board, I have labelled the parts of my bookshelf and sorted my books and put them into right areas, and I have upgraded the signs in my bedroom.

Today I am going to talk about reform my bedroom and creating a comfortable studying environment. Here we go!

1. The New Status Board

Firstly, I have created my new status board with blackboard in my bedroom. It shows the date, today’s weather, my daily lessons amount, days left until next event, and so on.

This board can let me see the situations of today so that I can do my things accurately, like preparing clothes. I update the board every single day.

My Bedroom Daily Status Board

2. The Sticking Board

Secondly, there is a sticking board on my bedroom wall. It is my favourite colour purple. It can let me stick my things on it. I usually stick my study plan, daily goals and daily things on it.

As I am a student, my daily studying tasks are getting heavier. I have to remember so many knowledges and I can’t remember essential things, so I have stuck them onto the board so that they can remind me.

My things on the sticking board

Study Plan and Daily Goals Things to Take Things to do

3. My Bookshelf

Thirdly, I have reformed my bookshelf. There are hundreds of books in my bedroom’s bookshelf, so I have sorted them into some groups, like textbooks, notebooks, extra books, and so on.

Then, I have put them in the correct place so that I can take out my books faster at any time.


4. The Signs in my Bedroom

Then, I have made some signs and stuck them in my bedroom. They show the directions and instructions to do things. They can remind me to do my things correctly and faster.

If I follow the signs in my bedroom, I will always feel relaxed although there are so many tasks.

5. Parts of my desk

At last, I have separated my desktop by 3 parts. Different parts have different functions. I usually do my work in the working area and take things in other areas.

It can help me to do things faster and effectively. I will have enough space and feel comfortable to study and do my own things as a result.

My Desktop Parts


Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading. I hope you can create and enjoy your comfortable studying environment with my suggestions.

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Have any questions or further assistance? Feel free to contact me.

Thanks so much for reading!

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