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I bought Microsoft Office 365 subscription to make my work faster

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By: Ken Deng   Published on May 25, 2019

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Recently, I bought Microsoft Office 365 personal subscription for a year.

On Apr. 19th, 2019, I decided and expected to buy Microsoft Office 365 subscription to let me work faster and conveniently.

I am currently reading grade 8 in my school, my study is very busy and I have to work for a long time.

Office 365 Apps

Why I want to buy Office 365?

First of all, my schoolwork is very busy, I don't have time to do my works. My OneDrive is only 5 GB but my USB Drive is 16 GB, so I usually use my USB Drive for my temporary documents instead using OneDrive before I buy Office 365.

Secondly, I like and trust Microsoft and I like using Microsoft products very much. I think its products can make my works conveniently.

Thirdly, The genuine software can defend the virus and the hackers from attacking the computer system.

I want to use Outlook instead of using Gmail, because Gmail has been blocked in China and I will take long time to reply the messages. Office 365 can make my Outlook safe.

When I do the group task, I just need to share the file via the link or the contacts and corroborate to edit together.

What is Office 365? Office Apps

OneDrive makes me to sync files between my devices conveniently

OneDrive is an online storage service from Microsoft. It can let me sync my files between my devices.

OneDrive supports Office’s auto save feature and automatic download file.

Unfortunately, China blocked Microsoft’s OneDrive website (, but its app and Office apps still can be used (even all foreign web storage service).

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