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Introducing Tasks Weight and Colourful Tags | My New Study Tools 2021

Language/语言:   English   简体中文
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By: Ken Deng   Published on Nov. 7, 2021

Approx. 1250 words, 6 mins

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Hello there! My name is Ken and I am a Chinese senior high A Level student in Guangdong Country Garden School. Welcome to Ken's Study Journey website and blog!

Recently, I have released some new productive study tools, routine and habits for top students. They can boost student's productivity to a higher level.

There are also some updates on my website to enhance its performance, security, user's experience, and compliance.

This is similar to Apple's regular events that release new operating systems and products. As well as Apple released new products, including iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7 and new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and Max, I released my own study tips and strategy to encourage students to study better.

Today, I am going to introduce my new study strategy and some updates on my website. Here we go!

Study Tools

Daily Tasks List

First, I would like to introduce daily tasks list that can help you to do the right things every single day.

One day before this was released, it has been shared by my teacher. This is because some study strategy are the trial version that has been used by myself before. After I think that this is useful for everyone to study better, it will be released on my website later on.

The daily tasks list will help you do the right things and focus on your tasks and while studying. It combines a number of to-do lists in different time points. Because they are separated, you will be able to focus on your tasks while studying.

Like daily goals checklist, you can arrange tomorrow's tasks list in today evening before sleeping so you will not have hesitation about your tasks. Conclusion for the day is followed by a new start tomorrow.

You can simply postpone your unfinished tasks to tomorrow's daily tasks list. This can make sure that you can complete the tasks you want.

Daily Tasks List Sample   Learn More

Colourful Labels

By sticking the labels on your textbooks or notebooks, you will instantly know which knowledge points should ask teachers, skip or remember more firmly when making revisions.

You do not need to write any extra on your books, like lists of important knowledge. The only step needed is to stick the labels beside your books.

The labels will help you to memorise what points should ask teachers, skip or remember more firmly when making revisions.

This will significantly boost your revision productivity and accuracy as you will not need to think about them.

Colourful Labels

Different colours have different meanings. Click the button below to see my colourful labels.

  Learn More

Tasks Weight

As well as study plan, daily goals and schedule, tasks weight can help me allocate suitable amount of time or effort when making a study plan.

This can let you arrange your time and tasks correctly with more study tasks you want.

Generally. my tasks weight are:

  1. Study (73%)
  2. Social and Communication (12%)
  3. Public Resources (8%)
  4. Personal Tasks and Body (5%)
  5. Social Media (2%)

For more specific tasks weight in each item, please click the button below:

  Learn More

Great Study Habits

Strict Requirements

Top students usually set some strict requirements so they can ensure the quality of their study and work.

Making requirements and setting goals is crucial for students because they can create motives to study better in their free time. You cannot pursue yourself without goals and requirements.

Utilising free time can study more and more to overtake other students. We can do a huge amount of things in our spare time. This is a good chance to study and practice.

The 8 strict requirements I have made are:

  1. Recall at least 50% of Main Idea
  2. No more than 20% Potential English Errors on my Website Articles
  3. No more than 20% Potential Errors in Homework, unless Close to Deadline
  4. Be aware of English voice and tones while listening to Podcasts / watching YouTube videos
  5. Have a Tidy and Cosy Studying Environment
    Tidy Bookshelf at Bedroom
  6. Have at least 50% of achievement rate of each goal monthly
  7. Finish according to Situations, but Not Too Much
  8. Chat with Classmates in English

For this reason, I have been elected by and entered the student union at school, acting as an inspector of disciplines.

  Learn More

Cable Management

Top students usually tidy up their cables in their bedrooms to maintain a clean study environment and improve their productivity. So, tidying up the cables are vital for studying.

Messy cables appear everywhere around the desks. You may kick them accidentally while you are studying without realising it.

Once the cables are disconnected, you will lose your data on your PC and you will need some time to restore and restart them.

So, tidying up your cables can boost your productivity and let you concentrate on studying.

Cable Management   Learn More

If you want to receive my latest articles, study tips, and news, you don't need to frequently check my website which is time-consuming. You can subscribe to my email newsletter and you will be notified when there are new articles and study tips.

Updates on my Website

As well as my new study strategy, there are some major updates on my website to enhance its performance, security, user's experience, and compliance.

New Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Recently, China Personal Information Protection Act was implemented on 1 November 2021. However, I was busy on preparing for the mid-term exam.

A few days ago, I have received an email from Apple (China branch) about the update of Apple's privacy policy and protection. This update involves complying with the latest privacy protection regulations.

Privacy Notice Email from Apple China Branch

Then, I have updated the Privacy Policy on my website to better protect your privacy on my website and services and declare my privacy usage.

My website always comply with the latest privacy regulations around the world, like GDPR. Last year (on July 2020), I sent a notice about the compliance of CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). Note that kendeng1603.com was the previous domain name of my website.

Privacy Notice 202007

The new Terms of Service prevents some abusive behaviours on my website or server, making my services better for you.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service were updated, which will be taken effect on 21 November 2021 and now is a great chance to review them.

Did you know?

Most people usually click "Accept" without reading some agreements, like Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Disclaimer and Acceptable Use Policy, when signing up for an account on websites and Internet services.

Perhaps they are too long to read, or some students have limited reading skills, but they describe some important information and rules, and how does the website/app protect people's privacy.

They are located at the bottom or "About" page on websites or apps, or the pop up during the first use of the app.

You can read them later if you have time. By reading them carefully, I can improve my IELTS reading score.

Other Updates

There are some other updates on my website, including 5G and IPv6 support, shortening the URL of articles and enhanced email anti-phishing feature I invented.

For more information, please see the update logs on my website.


These are my new study tips, routine and habits that are commonly used by top students. I hope you can strive, study hard and get better results with my new tools.

Ken's Study Journey strives to provide high-quality articles about my tips and tutorials to study productively, together with some knowledge explanations. If you need help, I am here for you.

Subscribe to my email newsletter if you want to receive my latest articles, study tips, and news.

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