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My Experiences for Having Online Lessons at Home

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By: Ken Deng   Published on Apr. 4, 2020

Approx. 900 words, 4 mins

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I have been having online lessons at home and this is the 7th week. I am going to share my experiences for having online lessons at home in order to let other students know how do I have online lessons better.

The school semester should have started on Feb. 17, 2020. However, it has been delayed and we have to stay at home.

Recently, I have been featured by my school, it is good news. My school also features some people who study at home with good results. I have been invited to share my study experiences for having online lessons for my school. I had written the Chinese version of my experiences to my homeroom teacher Mindy before sharing publicly. I'm going to share both the English and Chinese version to you.

I have already written 2 articles on my personal website related to online lessons. It is about my techniques to study effectively and be concentrate during online lessons respectively.

Today I am going to share my experiences for having online lessons at home. In this article, you can learn about my techniques to get better results while having online lessons. Here we go!

The Online Lessons Environment

I have adapted to the online lessons environment. Many people feel bored at home because there are no places to travel. However, I don't feel that because I can do some study things.

There are lots of differences between school lessons and online lessons. There are some strict rules in my school, but we need to be conscious while having online lessons. No one can supervise and manage you.

There are two kinds of classrooms for my online lessons. I have already introduced my classrooms in my previous article.

Online Lesson Classroom Structure 1 Online Lesson Classroom Structure 2

My Online Lesson Experience

I have strong self-management skills, listening carefully and taking notes during the online lessons. I also interact with the class, and answer the questions with confidence.

After class, I always take snapshots of the notes during the class, and send to my teachers for inspection to make sure I have taken notes.

Evening is a self-study time. I always finish the homework in time for every single subject. Then, I submit them to my teachers and analyze the errors by myself.

There is also a sport time every single day. I always take videos while I am taking exercises, then I send to my teacher for inspection. Not only are we learning but also doing exercises every day.

Body is also important. The efficiency of listening to the class will be lower and lower and the body health will not be guaranteed without taking exercises.

However, some students are doing some things unrelated to the lessons. There will be a lot of differences between classmates. If a student can be conscious, his scores will be better and better.

The Result for Having Online Lessons

After some weeks for the online lessons, I have been praised by many of my teachers. That is because I am always conscious and working hard on studying.

Also, I often ask my teachers actively if there is some knowledge that I can't understand in order to reduce my doubts.

Recently, I have been featured by my school, Phoenix City International School, for the music subject. I had passed many of the piano examinations before.

Things I do in my Free Time

I usually execute my weekly study plan and daily goals unless I have so many study tasks.

I always remember some new English words using Quizlet every morning at 6 AM. My goal is to remember at least 100 new English words every day.

Sometimes, I play the piano when I feel bored or need relaxation with my favorite piano songs.

I usually share my study tips on my personal website and my YouTube channel in my free time.

Also, I have been making English friends with my favorite bloggers and YouTubers in order to communicate with my study tips and my study experiences for having online lessons and reduce my boredom.

I usually share my study strategy to my friends and learn some study strategy from my friends.

My Favorite Bloggers and YouTubers (shown at my website's sidebar):

Useful Apps While Having Online Lessons

In order to study faster, better and effectively, I have been using some useful apps that I introduced last semester.

I am using Quizlet to remember more English words, Microsoft To Do to organize my things, Microsoft Office 365 to create and edit documents faster and effectively, etc.

This is an article of my study experiences for having online lessons at home. I hope you can study faster and better by learning my study techniques.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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Useful and positive post! Good one.
Ken Deng
Thanks for saying that this was useful! I hope you can work and study faster and effectively with my suggestions!
Michelle Miller
It sounds like you've really learned a lot by having online lessons for school. Congratulations on being featured by your school! That's wonderful!
Ken Deng
Thank you! I am going to learn more and more knowledge in the future online lessons.
Kriti's Blog
Thank you Ken for sharing this amazing post. You are an amazing student/blogger/youtuber. Also, thank you for mentioning me in your favourite Blogger/YouTuber list! It means a lot. Looking forward to reading more amazing content from you.
Ken Deng
You are welcome! I am glad to hear from you! I am keeping sharing my study tips on my personal website and I hope you can learn more knowledge and study techniques from my articles!