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The Final Exhibition of the Community Project in my School

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By: Ken Deng   Published on May 30, 2020

Approx. 900 words, 4 mins

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On May 14, 2020, I had had a final exhibition of the community project in my school (Phoenix City International School) before the exam took place, which makes me very busy with the massive tasks.

There are 15 teams in the community project in my school, which contains different topics. They had found some drawbacks in our real life when they took actions in the community.

The teams show their information, projects, and results during the exhibition, which means they have done the project successfully.

Unfortunately, during this special period, every team needs to wear a mask during the show and sterilize their hands before the show. Also, students in other grade and other viewers need to watch via live streaming by the school instead of going to the real place.

Today, I am going to talk about the final exhibition of the community project in my school. Here we go!

What is Community Project?

In grade 9, we have to do a community project for several months (since September 1, 2019).

Community Project can make the community better, where students can pick a good theme they want. Once selected, they won’t be able to change it or start over.

It is an intersubject project, so need to use knowledge from more than one subject.

Community Project Teams

Disclaimer: Some teams do not have/provide their English names, so some English names might be translated incorrectly from their Chinese names. I cannot guarantee that I can always translate names correctly because of my limited English skills.

  1. Use Computer Safely / “机”不可失 (Our Team)
  2. First Aid at Hand / “救”在身边 (my favorite team)
  3. Waste Classification Bins / 桶依人生 (contains my favorite schoolmate Alex)
  4. Unwrap / 银装不“塑”裹 (contains my favorite schoolmate Kate)
  5. First Aid CPR & AED / 把握黄金四分钟
  6. Put Down Phones and Play with Cards / 放下手机,用游戏沟通
  7. Perfumes Relax Ourself / 包罗万香
  8. Not Only Papers / 不“纸”于此
  9. Donate with Hope / 希望灯社
  10. Enjoy Guangdong Foods / 岭南食,“粤”好吃
  11. Caring Old People / 老吾老,以及人之老
  12. Life without Wastes / 零废弃生活
  13. Life Healthily with Enzymes / “酵”你健康生活
  14. Donate and Give Help / 一份捐赠,一盏明灯
  15. Healthy Diet Consultant / 您的健康饮食顾问
  16. Some pictures and more information about each team are not shown, but you can learn more about them on my school's website.



    WeChat Official Account / Website

    Some teams have created their WeChat official accounts, in which has some useful articles (some of them are available in Chinese only). My team has created a website instead of WeChat account.

    In order to share their resources, I have shared their accounts from some of the teams.

    You can follow them to receive their articles as long as you are using WeChat (a Chinese messaging and payment app).

    Unfortunately, I can't get their QR codes, so I have shared their WeChat ID. You can search them when you add WeChat Official Accounts (click "Contacts" at bottom first).

    Team Account ID / Website
    1. Use Computer Safely https://computersafety.kendeng1603.com
    2. First Aid at Hand gh_e0f3f134f438
    3. Waste Classification Bins
    [Deleted by Themselves]
    4. Unwrap gh_716fb5dca415
    5. First Aid CPR & AED gh_cef19002d901
    9. Donate with Hope shequsheji111
    12. Life without Wastes gh_e3885a9cec1a
    15. Healthy Diet Consultant gh_a178bbc1c15d

    Contact the Teams

    Feel free to contact the teams if you have any questions or need any help. I have listed the contacts about some community project teams in my school and you can send emails to them.

    Both of the teams shown above accept English and Chinese messages. They both have great English skills.

    Our Information

    Group Name: Use Computer Safely

    Topic: Computer Safety

    Global Context: Science and technology innovation.

    Teammates: Ken (me, leader), Hank, and Angel.

    Website: https://computersafety.kendeng1603.com


    Community Project Thumbnail

    I have chosen computer safety as a topic because more and more people concern about computer safety problems as the high-tech develops. Also, I have excellent programming skills.

    You can find out more information on our community project website.

    Our Projects

    We have made many computer safety projects during the community project time.

    Abandoned Projects

    However, we don't have much time, so we have abandoned some projects.

    For more details of our project, please see our community project website.

    The First Exhibition

    Last semester, I had the first exhibition about the community project. Our team showed some of our works on board. Some students from other grade saw our work.

    We got 100+ tickets and we were the first rank in my whole school.

    Then, we had a final exhibition when the community project ends.

    Our Community Project Still Continues

    The community project in my school is ended now, but this doesn't mean we will stop our community project services.

    We have got some help from the supervisor during the school's community project journey. We have made some projects such as quiz and safety handbook, promoting computer safety knowledge and tips.

    This is a special period, everyone needs to study or work at home. We may encounter some safety problems while using computers.

    In order to let everyone use computers safely for remote working or studying at home, we are intended to continue this project for 1 to 3 years without supervisors, protecting your computer safety.

    We will stop our services on Aug. 31, 2022, which is the period between Grade 11 and Grade 12. However, we will continue our service until the epidemic ends if it is not ended.

    We planned to stop updating the articles and preserve our website from 1 to 2 years after the community project ends. However, we have considered that this is a special period, more and more people concern about computer safety problems during which. So, we have intended to continue our project.

    This is a notice from my team:

    Notice about Community Project Continues Until 2022

    This is an article about the final exhibition of the community project in my school. I hope you can enjoy the community project in my school.

    Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

    If you like this post, please click the thumb up button below, share this article, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog (if you want). You can write down your comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

    If you have any questions or need any help, please send me messages and I am here to help you. I speak English and Chinese.

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    This is a wonderful project! You have to have a lot of patience to work on it for so long. The notice is very professional and straightforward. You and your team are doing an amazing job! What a great topic to do your project on, too!
    Ken Deng
    Thank you for appreciating my community project team! We always do our best using our maximum effort.