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Graduating and Recalling my Junior High School Life

Language/语言:   English   简体中文
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By: Ken Deng   Published on Jun. 11, 2020

Approx. 1200 words, 5 mins

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Hello there! Welcome to Ken's study strategy blog! Today, I am going to talk about graduating from my school and recalling my junior high school life for 3 years.

Recently, I have completed all of the exams and assessments in my school before graduate. Therefore, I will continue to update my website and blog.

The study journey in the junior high school is arriving at the terminal, I have gained a lot during which. So, it is crucial for graduating and recalling my junior high school life.

Meanwhile, my scores were higher and higher as I was working hard, becoming an excellent student and being featured by my extra classes and my school.

Do you know what happened during my junior high school life and where I will go? Follow me!

My Junior High School Life

There are 3 years in my junior high school life that are grade 7 to 9.

Grade 7: Just Deal with Study

My scores in grade 7 were very low, so my parents worried about me, looking for some ways to let me study better.

Grade 8: A Little Improvement

Then, my scores were improved for a little bit during grade 8 and I was thinking about some methods to get better scores.

Grade 9: Become an Excellent Student

After that, I have found and invented some useful studying ways to improve my scores based on the movies I have seen, competitions and examinations I have participated in, and books I have read.

Also, I have been featured as an excellent student in extra classes I participate in and my school as I study hard, and I often enter the top 10 in my whole grade 9 for the scores of mid-semester exams and final exams.

Major Events during my Junior High School Life

May 2018: I was forced to go to some extra classes to study because of the low scores.

August 2018: I started my YouTube channel and practice English after the summer camp in Chicago, United States.

January 2019: I moved to English class A from class B as my English score increased.

February 2019: I created my personal website and blog, starting to use English to share my experiences, tutorials, and make English friends.

April 2019: I was featured by Aipei English, an English extra class. Then, I participated in the Spelling Bee competition in Beijing, China and I got inspirations from it, beginning to strive.

October 2019: I was featured by TCTM, a programming extra class for children.

November 2019: My exam scores are entered the top 10 in the whole grade.

April 2020: I got an outstanding award in a programming competition, becoming one of the top 5 around China.

May 2020: I was featured by my school as an excellent student, being put in the main hall in the school building.

My Ways to Study Better

As I am an excellent student, I have been inventing some ways to study better since grade 9 starts.

I have some essentials to study better and have an 'alleviated' study routine, they are studying plan, daily goals, signs in my bedroom, reasonable notebook format, my personal bookmark, and some apps to study better.

I usually use Quizlet, a knowledge memorizing app, to remember English words every morning after I get up and before sleep, read books for at least an hour every day, chat with my friends, use knowledge I learned in my real life, and so on.

Having Online Lessons

We had to have online lessons at home and we couldn't go to school between February and April.

Some schoolmates didn't listen carefully during the lesson, so we can make a big difference on the scores between different students.

However, I have my own study strategy to study effectively and I am conscious while I am having online lessons.

Also, I usually answer questions actively by pressing the blue button in the online lesson app. This is the structure of the online lesson classroom: WeClassroom (直播云).

Online Lesson Classroom Structure 1

Preparing an Entrance Exam

I have prepared an entrance exam at a school that was extremely difficult since August 2019 after I come back from the United Kingdom summer camp.

Therefore, I could not update my public resources (or update them rarely) because I was busy with the preparation for the exam.

Now I have completed the exam, so I will have time to update my things.

Activities Before Graduating

We had some activities before graduating, which can record our life in the junior high school.

Activities in Junior High School

In order to encourage students to study and use knowledge in real life, my school have organized some activities.

I am going to introduce them while graduating and recalling my junior high school life.

  • Mathematics week
  • Science week
  • Sport festival (every year)
  • Chinese characters (Hanzi, 汉字) Spelling Bee
  • English speech competition
  • History drama performance
  • Art festival
  • Inquiry and Service Week (travel, canceled in grade 9)

Unfortunately, there is likely no activity this semester because of the epidemic.

My Friends in Junior High School

I have made some friends during my junior high school journey. However, I would make friends with some excellent students around grade 9 because many of my classmates were talking about games that I was not interested in.

Many of my friends are good at speaking English, so I usually use English to communicate with them in order to practice my English skills.

Alex Wang (Class 1)

He has been featured as an excellent student around Zengcheng district (the strict I live in and my school is in it) between 2018 and 2019.

I usually talk about study strategy and projects we made. Also, we often evaluate the projects we made in the class for each other.

Community Project Team: Waste Classification Bins (桶依人生)

Kate Lin (Class 2)

She has a WeChat public subscription account, she usually post some articles in which. However, I have my personal website and blog.

I usually talk about projects we made and their topics. Also, we often provide suggestions for making projects in the classes.

Recently, she asked me about how to build a website and how was my personal website built. I am going to answer her questions with detailed information.

Community Project Team: Unwrap (银装不“塑”裹)

Where will I go?

I have 2 destinations. However, the second one requires entrance exam, I have prepared for which for a long time and it was extremely difficult.

No matter what the school I will go into, I need to have accommodation at the school's dormitory in weekdays and go back home at the weekend, because all of the senior high schools are far from my home.

If I fail the exam again, I will choose the first option. It is not vital to pass the exam as the difficulty of it is unacceptable for me.

I am Waiting for you at Senior High School

I will become a senior high student and I will go to a senior high school soon, crossing the bridge between junior high school and senior high school.

Also, I will make more friends, gain more knowledge, read more books, and help more people in need in the senior high school and I will associate with my community project team (Use Computer Safety / “机”不可失) to solve people's computer problems and answer their questions about computer safety during the senior high school life.

This is an article about graduating and recalling my junior high school life. I hope you and I can study better and get better results in the future.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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Still have questions or cannot understand my articles? Don't be hesitant to contact me and I am here to help you. I speak English and Chinese.

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