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Goodbye, PCIS! My Senior High Study Journey Starts Here

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By: Ken Deng   Published on Jun. 21, 2020

Approx. 1700 words, 8 mins

  Table of Contents

Hello there! Welcome to Ken's personal website and study journey! Today, I am going to graduate, say 'Goodbye!' to my junior high school PCIS and my senior high study journey starts here.

My junior high study journey for 3 years has arrived at the terminal and I will become a senior high student soon, in which I have gained a lot.

My scores in Grade 7, the first year of my junior high study journey, were very low and I didn't know that I should help others and make friends. However, I changed myself during Grade 8, inventing my own study strategy and being featured by schools.

In addition, I am going to have a better senior high school life based on my good habits in Grade 9, making more friends and getting better results.

Do you know what happened in my junior high school life and what will I do in my new senior high school? Follow me!

PCIS is an Amazing School

What is PCIS?

PCIS is shorted by Phoenix City International School, which is an international school in Phoenix City (a living area at the edge of the city), Guangzhou, China.

The school is a combination of primary school and junior high school. There are 2 sections in my school that are domestic section and international section. It uses PYP for international primary section and MYP for international junior high section.

There are 3 gates in my school that are main gate, back gate (for teachers only), and side gate (for residents in Fengming and Fengcui areas in Phoenix City only).

Why does PCIS Amazing?

In my opinion and feelings from some excellent students there, PCIS is an amazing school, which has a number of reasons.

Firstly, it has an excellent environment. It is close to residential areas and far away from factories, so we can breathe in the fresh air every single day. The corridors and stairwells are surrounded by student's art projects and activity photos so that we can learn as we walk.

Secondly, there are some modern facilities in the school. Our classroom in international section uses Apple TV instead of using a PC, which can let teachers and students show their PPTs and projects conveniently without a USB drive. Teachers and some students need to have Apple computers (MacBook). Students can also borrow books from the library using their school cards.

Thirdly, most of the teachers in my school are nice. Many teachers are patient while teaching and caring students. They won't be angry despite the student's score is extremely low, or he/she cannot understand the knowledge. Also, they are glad to help students.

Then, my school has an 'English Priority' principle, which means English is excellent and important in this school. Many signs in my school are in English, especially in international section. My school is cultivating student's English skills, encouraging students to participate in some English competitions.

Finally, my school has some strict rules, which can make my school better and safer. For instance, my school bans cellphones unless the lesson requires it, so students can study normally without from being distracted by students who play phones during the lesson.

My Destination

My new school is called: Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS), which is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China and it is adjacent to Guangzhou.

Meanwhile, I have failed an entrance exam in SCIE (Shenzhen College of International Education), which was extremely difficult. Many of my schoolmates and friends also failed it, but Alex Wang, my junior high school friend, passed it and he has been enrolled in this school.

Activities Before Graduate

Graduation Melody Performance

On June 19, 2020, I have participated in the graduation melody performance in my school, which was extremely amazing.

This was not only an exhibition but also an assessment, which affects the scores, so everyone had to participate in and work hard before the show.

There were 21 actors and actresses during the show, showing their musical talents learned and practiced in the music lesson.

Graduation Ceremony

In the afternoon in Jul. 21, 2020, we have had a graduation ceremony in my school's lecture hall, the same place for having community project exhibition and graduation melody performance.

We have received the graduation certificates and letters of admission of GCGS, performed some musical programs, said some words about graduate, expressed our feelings to schoolmates, teachers, and our school.

Also, teachers and some excellent students had a speech about their amazing junior high school life.

Some of the programs in our graduation melody have been featured to perform in the ceremony, include my piano program.

No photos are provided currently for this event. Some photos are not published in order to protect my schoolmate's privacy. The photos will be available soon so you can check back here later.

Have a Meal Together!

After the graduation ceremony, we immediately have had a meal together with our schoolmates in the whole Grade 9 in a restaurant in Phoenix City Hotel.

This is the last meal we have had together during the whole junior high study journey.

Main Gate in Phoenix City Hotel Restaurant

Main Gate in Phoenix City Hotel Restaurant

Main Gate of the Place for my Class (Class 3)

Main Gate of the Place for my Class (Class 3)

Our Class Uniform

Generally, we need to wear school uniforms while we are studying in my school according to my school rules.

However, today is a special day, so all students in Grade 9 wear their uniform of their classes. All 3 classes in Grade 9 have their own uniforms.

There are some important elements in my class uniform (Class 3, the 2nd version), such as our class logo, class name, school name, section name, the years we have studied together, student's name, and some words to let us to remember ourselves together.

My Words about Graduate

Everyone is required to say some words about graduate during the ceremony, which can express the friendliness to schoolmates, teachers, and friends, like saying at the end of the graduation melody show.

I have already prepared for it, so I can say it loudly, fluently, and make audiences' impressions deeper. It is a little bit different from my words in the graduation melody show.

My Words

Hello everyone! I am Ken.

The study journey in MYP for 3 years has arrived at the terminal, in which I have gained a lot. I learned a lot of knowledge and I understand that I should help others actively, read more books, and use the knowledge in real life. Thank my teachers for working hard for me, my classmates for accompanying me alongside, and PCIS for giving me an opportunity to study and an excellent environment.

My senior high study journey will start soon, and I will cross the bridge to the senior high knowledge island. I hope you can strive, learn more knowledge, make more friends, and become a better student in senior high school.

Thank you!

My Junior High School Friends

I did not make friends when I am in Grade 7 and 8 because I didn’t know that I should make friends with schoolmates, and I was regret my life in Grade 7 and 8.

After that, I have been making friends with my schoolmates with similar interests and hobbies so that we can study better together.

Class 1

  • Alex Wang
  • Sherry Hong
  • Eric Zhong

Class 2

  • Kate Lin
  • Erik Xie

Class 3

  • Bill Xu
  • Hank Zheng
  Learn More about my Friends

School has holidays, but studying doesn't have

Remember: School has holidays, but studying doesn't have.

This is my word that can encourage students to find knowledge in their real life. I said it a year ago firstly.

You need to study, discover new questions and knowledge you learned in your school whether it is a semester or holiday.

Goodbye, PCIS!

After graduating, we will go to different schools and different classes, so we rarely meet together. My teachers will no longer teach us as we leave the school.

So, I am going to say 'Goodbye!' to my junior high school PCIS.

Usually Go Back to PCIS

However, I will miss my schoolmates, teachers, and friends in my junior high school in the future. We can usually go back to PCIS to see my old schoolmates, teachers, and friends.

My Senior High Study Journey Starts Here

My senior high study journey train will depart soon, taking me and my new classmates to travel in a knowledgeable railway.

I'm going to cross the bridge to senior high school after graduating. At the end of the summer vacation, I will arrive at the senior high island and take a new train.

I hope everyone can strive, learn more knowledge, make more friends, and become an excellent student during your senior high school life.

Junior High Terminal Poster

I am Waiting for you at Senior High School

I'll become a senior high student and I will go to a senior high school soon, crossing the bridge between junior high school and senior high school.

Also, I will make more friends, gain more knowledge, read more books, and help more people in need in the senior high school and I will associate with my community project team (Use Computer Safety / “机”不可失) to solve people’s computer problems and answer their questions about computer safety during the senior high school life.

Let me Know if you Need any Help

I have adequate skills and knowledge (except Chinese, PHE, and history) and I will be glad to help you on the senior high study journey train. If you have the following situations, I will help you actively:

  • Cannot arrange your daily life.
  • Cannot stop your bad habits.
  • Experience computer problems.
  • Cannot solve questions (except Chinese, PHE and history)
  • Too much burden on studying.
  • Cannot improve your study efficiency or score.

If you need help, just send messages to me (or find me if you are a student in GCGS) and I will help you when I have free time.

This is an article about saying 'Goodbye!' to my junior high school PCIS and my senior high study journey starts here, and I hope everyone can strive, learn more knowledge, make more friends, and become an excellent student during your senior high school life.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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Still have questions or cannot understand my articles? Don't be hesitant to contact me and I am here to help you. I speak English and Chinese.

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