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Starting my new 2020 Winter Vacation

Language/语言:   English   简体中文
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By: Ken Deng   Published on Jan. 22, 2020 , Updated on Jan. 22, 20

Approx. 950 words, 4 mins

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In a blink of eyes, the first semester from 2019 to 2020 was arriving at the terminal. The 2020 winter vacation is coming. I am going to relax, have fun and study.

I have been making progress for a few months. During my last semester, I have got some prizes, certificates and good scores.

Me, however, need to study no matter what it is a holiday or not. I will have less time to do my own things as a result, including writing my blog on my personal website. I do believe studying is the most important thing for students.

Before I starting my vacation, I have prepared some essential things for it. Now, let's start my 2020 winter vacation!

Disclaimer: In order to study English better, I have attempted to use new words and grammar points that I have studied recently. The English grammar in this article may wrong, you can find and correct them by writing comments below.

What I am going to do during the vacation?

I have separated the vacation into 4 parts. I will do different things and go to different places in different parts of the vacation.

Part 1: Have extra classes

I am going to have some mathematics and English extra classes every single day from January 20 to 22. I am told that I must remember at least 40 English words every single day so that I can improve my vocabulary. I usually remember words on Quizlet.

Part 2: Go to my home town

I haven't been to my home town for 4 years because I need to study every single day, even on holidays. I would like to go to my home town between Jan. 23 and Jan. 30 to have a Chinese new year.

Part 3: Have extra classes again

After I will come back from my home town, I will continue having extra classes from Jan. 31 to Feb. 8. I will be able to have a rest every Friday and Saturday.

Part 4: Go for my winter camp

I will go to Beijing, China for my winter camp at the end of the winter vacation. I am going to learn knowledge about computer programming and artificial intelligence that I like.

What preparations I have made?

In order to have a better holiday, I have made some preparations for it.

Firstly, I have put my winter vacation homework in my homework list, and I have made my winter vacation homework folder.

Secondly, I have bought some books that I need to read during the winter vacation. It is indispensable to read books for at least an hour every day.

I also have already made some preparations for my new 2020.

2020 Winter Vacation Homework Package

School has holidays, but studying doesn't have

School has holidays, but studying doesn't have. I have said this a few months ago.

Winter vacation is coming, but I need to continue studying. I can apply the knowledge I have learned in real life so that I can remember them firmly.

Although there is no new knowledge I need to learn, I can continue remembering more English words and reading more books.

I have recommended six places where I can study faster and effectively in my previous article on my personal website. I am going to find the places I have recommended as I can.

The semester has arrived at its terminal. Studying, however, doesn't have terminals. Studying is unstoppable, so I always study without stopping.

Terminal of Semester

My winter vacation last year

Last year, I had had wonderful winter vacation last year before I have created and opened my personal website.

I have been to Yunnan, China last year and I have made an English YouTube friend, called G3 Travels. We were recording English travelling videos and posting them on YouTube. Then we were watching videos and writing comments to each other. Also, we were taking photos and posting them on Instagram.

Then, I have created and opened my personal website and blog based on my YouTube channel. I have been writing English articles on it in order to improve my English.

Computer safety is important

I have opened a community project about computer safety with my classmates. Our team's website is going to show useful knowledge about computer safety.

While you are enjoying your holiday, safety cannot be forgotten. We need to be aware of computer safety to avoid problems.

Our community project will continue during the winter vacation for your safety.

We need to be careful about the following things while using the computer during the winter vacation:

  1. Don't connect to the free WiFi freely.
  2. Don't use the public USB port to charge your phone directly. It is recommended to take your own power plugs.
  3. Remember to lock your computers as you leave. (Windows: Windows logo+L, MacOS: command+control+Q)
  4. Cover your keyboard while you are typing your password.
  5. It is recommended to turn off WiFi when you don't want to use the network.

Our community project team hopes you can have a safer holiday and let computers be safer.

New grammar on my website

I have been studying new English grammar since Sep. 2019. In order to improve and practice my English grammar, I am attempting to use new English grammar on my blog articles. You can write comments if you found some wrong English grammar on my website.


These are the things I will do during my 2020 winter vacation, I hope I can have a better holiday than last year.

If you like this post, please click the thumb up button below, or subscribe to my blog if you want. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write down your comment below.

Thanks so much for reading!

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