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Remember 100 English Words Every Day

Language/语言:   English   简体中文
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By: Ken Deng   Published on Feb. 8, 2020

Approx. 900 words, 4 mins

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Recently, I have to remember at least 100 English words every day approximately, which is the requirement for all of my English teachers.

During my winter vacation, I have been having some mathematics and English extra classes which have multiple English teachers and a mathematics teacher for my extra class.

Unfortunately, my winter camp in Beijing has been canceled and I have to stay at home and study every day, so I have online lessons on my computer at home.

I have shared my tips about studying at home and reformed my bedroom in order to study faster and effectively.

Now, I'm going to talk about how hard on my study and dealing with my new English words I have to remember.

Disclaimer: In order to study English better, I have attempted to use new words and grammar points that I have studied recently. The English grammar in this article may wrong, you can find and correct them by writing comments below.

Note: This article may contain new English words I have remembered recently, you can check your dictionary or use a translation app if you can't understand it.

How Many English Words do I Remember Every Day?

In order to have an abundant vocabulary, I am going to remember more and more English words every day.

It is crucial to remember the English words for non-English students who are currently studying English. Taking your dictionary to look for an unknown word in your real life can waste your time.

I have to remember about 100 new English words every single day, and I am told and forced to do it. Meanwhile, remembering at least 100 English words is one of my daily goals.

Also, there's a number of English teachers in my English extra class and different teachers teach different things. Every teacher has a vocabulary task.

Vocabulary Tasks from Different Teachers

Teacher Daily Words Amount
Teacher 1 Total: 40
40 words from a vocabulary book.
Teacher 2 Total: 40 (approximated)
10 words from an another vocabulary book.
New words and phrases from an essay or a workbook (about 30).
Teacher 3 Total: 25 (approximated)
New words and phrases from the workbook (about 25, according to the amount of words I can't understand).

The Ways I Remember New English Words

I usually use a word memorizing app, because it can let me memorize new English words faster and effectively, it is Quizlet, and have recommended it in an article about apps to study faster and effectively on my website.

You can view my Quizlet profile to view the English words I have remembered recently.

I'm going to boost my vocabulary with the app, then I'll accumulate an adequate vocabulary as a result.

I have a study plan which indicates remember words every morning after I get up, when is the best time to remember things.

I used to remember new English words in my spare time because time is very important and valuable. Also, I usually look at my vocabulary book when I am unable to use my computer and phone.

Remember 100 English Words Every Day

Practice my New English Words

In order to make sure the new words are stuck in my brain and prevent the forgetfulness, I'm going to attempt to use the new English words anywhere and at any time.

I usually attempt to use new English words while I am writing my blog articles and recording my YouTube videos, including this article.

It will be easy to forget the English words I have already remembered without practicing because new words will replace old words when I am remembering so many words.

My Schoolmate is going to Remember the Words

One of my schoolmates, Alex, who had accompanied me for the English Spelling Bee competition is going to remember new English words in his free time and so do I.

He usually looks at his English vocabulary book in his free time, both at home and at school. I usually see him in my school mess while I am in the queue and waiting to get food.

I usually remember the English words, do my homework and review the knowledge after Aipei English extra class while waiting for my parents to pick me up to the next place. This is the reason that I had been featured by my Aipei English extra class.

Remember the English Words is a Challenge

As I am an excellent student, memorizing English words is crucial. Don't abandon the word memorizing task or complain about it, just do it.

If you feel the task of remembering new English words is awkward, you should make a challenge. You should be confident when you are remembering the words.

My 2019 goal was to remember at least 25 words every day, but I have changed the number to 100 since January 2020 because I have the potential to memorize English words.

You can start with a low goal, just 10 words every day, then you can upgrade your goal for a little bit regularly.


This is a report of my English word memorizing and I hope you can boost your vocabulary with my suggestions.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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Have any questions or need further assistance? Feel free to contact me.

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