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My Weekend Routine as a Senior High Student

Language/语言:   English   简体中文
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By: Ken Deng   Published on Feb. 1, 2021

Approx. 1800 words, 8 mins

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Hello there! Welcome to Ken's Study Journey! Today, I am going to talk about my weekend routine as a senior high student.

Recently, I talked about my daily life in my school, GCGS. How about weekends? My weekend routine is much different compared to the routine when I was in junior high school.

As I am a Chinese senior high student, I have extra classes, do my homework, watch movies and write articles on my website during the weekends.

I also discover some knowledge that we have learned in my school, which is shared to my WeChat Moments, being praised and used by other classmates.

Do you know what do I usually do during the weekend? Let's get started!


My weekends have been separated into 3 parts, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I go home every Friday afternoon and go to school every Sunday afternoon. My weekend is the period between these two points.

I usually watch movies on Friday evening, have extra classes on Saturday, write and publish an article on my website on Saturday evening, and then finish my homework on Sunday morning.

Friday Routine

The school ends at 2:30 PM on Friday and the school bus departs from the school at 3:20 PM. I usually watch vlogs on YouTube and/or read articles about university/college student’s campus life in the school bus. This can improve my study strategy and study effectively later.

After arriving at the traffic centre in Phoenix City, my parents will pick me up and we need to pick up my brother in PCIS - my previous junior high school.

When I arrive at my home, I take out things from my bag and luggage, and then have dinner.

Then, I have an IELTS speaking lesson to practice speaking from 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM, and watch an English movie in the living room afterwards.

Saturday Routine

There are 2 lessons on Saturday, which are IELTS and computer programming respectively.

IELTS Lesson in the Morning

I usually attend IELTS lessons on Saturday morning as I need to achieve my goal score and the minimum requirement of my dream universities and/or colleges.

I had attended the lessons firstly during the summer vacation in New Oriental Education as there was no homework. Meanwhile, I have had an IELTS test at the end of September and got Band 6.0 score.

According to the test results, some of my English skills such as reading, speaking and writing are not adequate than I expected. So, I will continue attending these lessons, except listening.

We depart on 9:00 AM and I go to Victory Plaza, where I have the IELTS lessons, by car. The lesson starts at 10:30 AM and ends at 12:30 PM.

More importantly, the classrooms are situated on the 34th floor in a building that is very tall, so I can enjoy studying in the sky.

Python Programming Lesson in the Afternoon

I immediately have lunch after the IELTS lesson as there are even no restaurants near the place where I attend programming lessons.

After lunch, I go to the underground station which is called: Tiyu Xilu (Sport Road West, 体育西路), to ride the subway and go to YT Space, where I have the programming lessons.

I can either use line 5 (via Yangji, 杨箕) or line 6 (via Dongshankou, 东山口). The distance and time are the same between these two lines.


Since April 27, 2020, it is required to show your Suikang (Guangzhou Health) Code or Yuekang (Guangdong Health) Code to take the subway in Guangzhou, which are checked when passing the security check. This is also required when entering some public places.

Suikang Code and Yuekang Code are health codes made by Chinese governments, which are mini programs embedded on WeChat. Everyone in Guangzhou, China needs to report the health information in the mini programs to get the codes.

Now, I will show you the sunflower codes of their WeChat mini programs. You can scan the following codes using WeChat and fill in your information to get your health code. An English version is provided in Suikang (Guangzhou Health) mini program.

Guangzhou Health Codes Mini Program
Related Knowledge

I am going to talk about a relevant economics knowledge: opportunity cost.

I need to make the best choice when there are many things I want and I cannot obtain all of them. Different things have different benefits.

Opportunity cost means the best alternative forgone in economics. If I give a choice, I need to abandon all other things so I will lose the benefits of other things.

If I choose to ride line 5, I will not able to ride line 6 this weekend. So, I choose line 6 as it is close to the exit I want in Ouzhuang station.

Did you know?

The bicycle sharing service is popular in China as the technology develops. We can see that they are many bicycles parking at the bicycle parking areas beside the streets.

However, I don't use bicycles to go to the programming extra class although there is a long distance between the underground station (Ouzhuang) and the building where I attend the lesson. The reason is that my bag is heavy and I want to increase my steps count and take exercises by walking more and more.

The lesson starts at 2:00 PM and ends at 5:00 PM, with 2 breaks (approximately 10 minutes for each break) during the lesson. At the end of lesson, we usually finish homework in the class before leaving the classroom.

I have been featured by the programming extra class, TCTM Programming for Children, in 2019 as I have strong computer programming and logical thinking skills. Also, I can type about 100 English words every minute on the computer keyboard.

In addition, some students usually play games so the teacher needs to stop them. However, I don't play games unrelated to the class so my scores are much better than others.

Related Knowledge

I am going to talk about another relevant economics knowledge: external cost.

External cost is the cost that is paid by the third parties which are not involved in the activity, which also means negative effects. For example, pollution to residents from the factories is an external cost.

When I try to concentrate to do my school work while others are playing games, the interference from the noise is an external cost. However, we can reduce it by wearing earplugs or headphones with noise cancellation feature such as AirPods Pro/Max.

Write an Article in the Evening

After class, I go back home or go to a restaurant in Phoenix City Ancient Station (凤凰古站), an eating area at the edge of Phoenix City, to eat dinner.

I write a new article related to studying on my website and blog every evening after dinner. My articles are originally written in English, which are then translated into Chinese after writing. This is because I want to practice my English writing skills.

Did you know?

The first language of my personal website and blog, www.kenstudyjourney.com, is English as I want to practice my English skills. Then, my website is added a Chinese version to give opportunities to foreigners (non-Chinese speakers) to learn Chinese and give convenience to my friends who can't speak English.

Hence, I usually write articles in English without thinking about Chinese meanings. I only translate them back to Chinese after writing.

I don’t publish my articles in the evening but I publish them on Sunday morning.

Sunday Routine

Finishing Homework in the Morning

I usually finish my homework in my school and extra classes in Sunday morning.

However, I start finishing my homework at 9:00 AM. This is because the breakfast is available only after 8:00 AM. Unlike my school, I can immediately eat breakfast after getting up.

There is a break between 10:15 AM and 10:45 AM, when I play table tennis in my home with a machine. Actually, playing sports is crucial for students as it can motivate their body and be healthy.

I scheduled that I study for 75 minutes, which is similar as the 80-minute lesson in my school. So, I can study effectively whether I am in the school or home.

Also, I listen to some music related to raising spirits or that usually play in Starbucks, a café that I usually go to, while studying from some playlists in NetEase Music.

Preparing for English Vocabulary Cards Next Week in the Afternoon

After lunch, I need to pack up my bag and luggage that will be taken to my school later.

After that, I prepare for some English vocabulary cards next week. I usually type and remember words on Quizlet, an English and knowledge memorising and exam-modelling app, during the weekend and holidays, but I need to make and use my own vocabulary cards in my school because I cannot use phones and computers.

Go Back to School

At 3:20 PM, I go to the traffic centre in the Phoenix City by car, where I take the school bus. The bus leaves the traffic centre at 4:00 PM and we usually arrive at our school at 5:15 PM.

After that, I go to the dormitory to put things into the shelf, have dinner, and continue to do the homework.

Morning and Evening Routine

Before the article ends, I would like to talk about my morning and evening routine during the weekend, in which I always have great study habits.

Recently, I have integrated my schedule with my study plan and daily goals to make sure that I can achieve all of my goals. After getting up and before sleeping, I usually finish my study plan and achieve my goals by doing some extra study tasks.

Morning Routine

I get up at 7:00 AM. Then, I remember English words between 7:15 AM and 7:35 AM using Quizlet.

Then, I practice English speaking skills using a dubbing app on my phone. It can correct my wrong English pronunciations and improve the fluency.

And then, I ride the bicycle around the street in front of my home. This is one of the sports I usually do.

Next, I weight myself according to my parent’s requirements. Also, I record the weight in the Health app.

Finally, the breakfast is available on 8:00 AM. After breakfast, I continue with my schedule.

Evening Routine

Not only do I have my morning routine on the weekends, but also I made my evening routine.

Before I sleep, I revise the English words in Quizlet again to ensure that I have remembered the words firmly.

This article talked about my weekend routine in my senior high school. I hope you can make a better plan for the next semester in 2021.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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Still have questions or cannot understand my articles? Don't be hesitant to contact me and I am here to help you. I speak English and Chinese.

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