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Going out of Phoenix City to Guangzhou City Centre for Extra Class by subway

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By: Ken Deng   Published on Oct. 5, 2019

Approx. 750 words, 4 mins

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Today is the 5th day of China National Day, and it is the only day I go out of Phoenix City because I usually have some online lessons at home.

In this semester, I usually go for extra classes by car instead of the subway, but today I go there by subway.

I didn't ride the underground in London, United Kingdom and this is the first time I ride the subway after I go back from the UK.

My parents have gone to my home town during the festival, but I stay at Guangzhou. So I can ride the subway and write my blog.

Today I can relax my self, so I write and share this article to relax my mood. I am going to share my journey today. This article is written by me on the subway.

Where did I go?

I went to Dongjun Square for JavaScript extra class. I usually go there on Saturday.

I went there by Guangzhou Metro Line 13 and Line 5 from Xintang (13|09) station to Yangji (5|11) station, transfer at Yuzhu (13|01) (5|21) station.

But I went back home from the Zoo (5|10) station, the transfer station and the arrival station are the same.

What did I study?

I studied CSS animations for a website, but I have already know the knowledge related to this before and I applied it on my personal website home page.

School has holidays, but Studying doesn’t have holidays

My school has 7-day holidays for China National Day, but I keep studying during the holiday.

I still need to have lessons and practice knowledge during the holiday, but I am able to relax today because staying at home is really boring.

Also, I usually discuss with my JavaScript teacher about my personal website.

Is it crowded on the subway?

Today, the subway is NOT crowded either on Line 13 or Line 5, even at the Zhujiang New Town (5|13) (3|11) station, but the subway is so crowded for the first few days of the festival.

My Journey

I got up at 6:30 AM, then I ate breakfast at 7:15 AM, and then I did some homework.

At 11:00 AM, I went to the Xintang subway station by bicycle through the Dongmen Shopping Street in Phoenix City, then I went to Yuzhu station to transfer to line 5 and go to Yangji station.

I arrived at Yangji at 12:30 PM, and I ate lunch at KFC.

At 2:00 PM, I had a JavaScript programming lesson, my homework for the last lesson was awesome so I had to show my homework to everybody else in my JavaScript class.

The class usually ends at 5:00 PM, but today it ends at 5:30 PM because I needed to show my homework.

I didn't find any restaurants nearby and I have already eaten in the KFC, so I needed to find the nearest restaurant and it was a bit far from the extra class, and I ate noodles.

It was close to the Zoo station, not the Yangji station, and I was carrying heavy things, so I had to go to the nearest subway station to ride the subway and took more rest.

At 7:30 PM, I arrived at Xintang station and went back home to continue to do my things, including checking and publishing this article.

At last, I arrived at my home at 8:00 PM.

The Guangzhou Metro Stations I went through

Line 5
Yuzhu (5|21) (13|01)
Sanxi (5|20)
Dongpu (5|19)
Chebeinan (5|18) (4|22)
Keyun Lu (5|17)
Yuancun (5|16)
Tancun (5|15)
Liede (5|14)
Zhujiang New Town (5|13) (3|10)
Wuyangcun (5|12)
Yangji (5|11) (1|13)
Zoo (5|10)
Line 13
Yuzhu (13|01) (5|21)
Yufengwei (13|02)
Shuanggang (13|03)
Nanhai God Temple (13|04)
Xiayuan (13|05)
Nangang (13|06)
Shacun (13|07)
Baijiang (13|08)
Xintang (13|09)
Line 5 Line 13
Yuzhu (5|21) (13|01) Yuzhu (13|01) (5|21)
Sanxi (5|20) Yufengwei (13|02)
Dongpu (5|19) Shuanggang (13|03)
Chebeinan (5|18) (4|22) Nanhai God Temple (13|04)
Keyun Lu (5|17) Xiayuan (13|05)
Yuancun (5|16) Nangang (13|06)
Tancun (5|15) Shacun (13|07)
Liede (5|14) Baijiang (13|08)
Zhujiang New Town (5|13) (3|10) Xintang (13|09)
Wuyangcun (5|12)
Yangji (5|11) (1|13)
Zoo (5|10)
Phoenix City Dongmen Shopping Street Phoenix City Dongmen Shopping Street
Guangzhou Metro Line 13 Xintang Station Guangzhou Metro Line 13 Xintang Station
Guangzhou Metro Line 5 Zoo Station Guangzhou Metro Line 5 Zoo Station
Guangzhou Metro Line 13 Yuzhu Station Guangzhou Metro Line 13 Xintang Station


This is my journey about going out from Phoenix City to the Guangzhou City Centre and having an extra class. I hope today can relax my self and reduce my boringness.

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Thanks so much for reading!

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