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Check Validity of my Emails

The Email Anti-phishing Feature I Invented

Hello there! I am Ken and this is the email anti-phishing feature I invented recently. You can check the validity of the emails sent by me or my server here.

Recently. I invented an anti-phishing feature for emails based on the inspirations of the certificates (with verification codes). This can help you to prevent phishing emails.

Your (recipient's) email address:
Unique code:
Please Note:
  1. The welcome and confirmation emails of my newsletter do not include the unique code due to the restrictions of my email system.
  2. My only official website is ''. Please remember my web address firmly and make sure that the web address on the address bar in your browser is correct before checking your email. This can help you to avoid fake websites.
  3. There may be a difference between the time displayed (sent) and when you received your email (within several minutes). This is normal because email delivery might need to take several minutes.
  4. The time displayed here is the time zone on your device.
  5. The validity for each code is 90 days after the email was sent. You can check the validity of the email for many times during this period.
  6. If you have been forwarded my email by others, do not check its validity with your email address. Otherwise, it will display 'this email does not exist'. This is because my server only records the recipient's email addresses that the email was sent firstly.
  7. This feature only checks emails sent by my server (e.g. my newsletter, Ken's Study Planner account notice). My general emails do not have unique codes.