My Traditions of the Chinese Spring Festival

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In China, there are a lot of traditions in the Chinese Spring Festival such as set off firework, paste the couplets around the door, hang the lanterns above the door or on the trees, etc.

Even all of them are red because red means good luck in the Chinese Spring Festival.

I live in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China, so the traditions are very special and wonderful.

My Traditions of the Chinese Spring Festival

Video Introductions:

I took an English video in my home garden to introduce my Chinese Spring Festival to foreigners, which is one of my English winter holiday homework.

I am a YouTuber, so I have a responsibility to record videos to my fans. If you'd like to get more of my videos, Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

What are my traditions in the Chinese Spring Festival?

  1. Paste the couplets around the door, which has a Chinese poem inside the couplets about Chinese New Year.
  2. Hang the lanterns on the trees and above the door, which means Family Reunion, Prosperity, Happiness, Brightness, Vitality, Perfection and Wealth.
  3. Put the oranges beside the gate, which means Great Luck.
  4. Set off the firework. Although the life of fireworks is short, it tries its best to blossom the most beautiful flowers, its most brilliant side. Firework is not allowed in some regions in Guangzhou because China wants to make the air clean and prevent air pollution.
  5. Set off the firecrackers. A Chinese poem says '爆竹声中一岁除,春风送暖入屠苏。', which means Seeking New Year's Peace. Be careful! The Decibel of the firecrackers can be reached 130dB. This may hurt your hearing.
  6. Do Spring Festival shopping. For thousands of years, Chinese people have always regarded the Spring Festival as a major event. Before the Spring Festival, we need to make a lot of preparations and buy a lot of things.
  7. Have a family reunion dinner in New Year's Eve. The annual "reunion dinner" is extremely important for Chinese people. The reunion of family members can provide spiritual comfort and satisfaction, which is a happy time to sit around the dinner table with respect, love and love for each other.
  8. Stay up late or all night on New Year's Eve, which means there is not only a feeling of nostalgia for the passing years, but also a sense of hope for the coming New Year.
  9. Send Red Envelope, which is the lucky money that parents give to child. Right now, people usually use WeChat to send the red envelope In a WeChat group, people also can grab a red envelope rapidly.
  10. Stick a Chinese word '福' on the doors, which means happiness, blessing and fortune.
  11. Eat dumplings, which means Reunion, Festivity, Blessings, Peace.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact me! I am a Chinese Junior High Student!

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