Learning Python and Minecraft in the United Kingdom

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In these 5 days, I was learning Python and Minecraft programming in the centre of London: Imperial College.

I've made a Minecraft game with Python programming while I was learning Python, called: Wonder Maze. Meanwhile, everyone thought my game is awesome.

In a blink of eyes, 5 studying days in London are over.

During the next few days in the UK, we will visit some universities and colleges around London.

What did I learn?

I've learned Minecraft and Python programming language for the following types of code in Imperial College London:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import ... as ... # Import module(s)
print("Hello World!") # Print something on the screen
variableName = "value" # Set variable
arrayVariableName = ["value0", "value1", "value2"] # Set array
def functionName(value1, value2): # Define function
  # Write code(s) here
  print(value1 + value2)
functionName("Hello ", "World!") # Use the function
if 2 <= a <= 5: # Condition 1
  print("Variable a is between 2 and 5.")
elif 10 <= a <= 21: # Condition 2, elif is shorted by "else if"
  print("Variable a is between 10 and 21.")
else: # None of the above
  print("Variable a is other value.")
name = str(input("Hello! What's your name?")) # Ask user some questions and change to string (str is short by string, int is short by integer)
time.sleep(1) # Wait for 1 second, remember to "import time"
for i in range(100): # Print 0 to 99
while True:
  print("This is the while loop")
# Single line comment
Multiple lines comment, line 1
Comment line 2

Also, I learned making games in Minecraft game with Python and I made my own game at the end of the day.

What game did I make from this class?

I've made my Wonder Maze game, which is made through Minecraft with Python.

This game has a maze in the sky, a start platform, a terminal platform, an entrance, a swimming pool and some emergency exits.

My maze is made from glasses as floor. In other words, it has a modern emergency escaping devices. In case of emergency, you can break the glass under you and you will fall into the swimming pool, then go to an emergency exit to escape.

There are 2 keys in this maze, red one and violet one, you need to get all of them from the boxes as the same colour from the key. Then you can go to the maze’s terminal. You have 90 seconds game time.

If you go to the terminal without getting all of the keys, the game will send you back to the start and add extra 30 seconds, you need to start again and get the rest of the keys.

Wonder Maze Map

Answer Keys

What will we do in the rest of the days in the UK?

We will visit some universities/colleges and some museums, and collect more English words! I can relax myself.

When will I go back to Guangzhou, China?

I'll go back to China on Aug. 17th, 2019 and I will open a WeChat Public Subscription account.

For more information, please see my schedule.


I really like the course in the UK, and I also enjoy this trip. I hope I can have a better trip in the rest of the days.

Thanks so much for reading!

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