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Last Updated: Apr. 10, 2021 8:50 AM

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Where are you from?

I am from Guangzhou, China but my hometown is in Guangxi Province.

Where do you live in?

I live in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China. It is a living area at the edge of Guangzhou. There are many foreigners so that I have an opportunity to practice English.

How is your English ability?

I passed Cambridge KET and PET, but I am going to fix my English pronunciation problem for several months.

I also have had an IELTS test, with a band 6.0 score. (Listening: 7.0; Reading: 5.5; Writing: 6.0; Speaking: 5.5)

Why does your English grammar or pronunciation usually wrong?

I am from China and I have a lot of Chinese Classes. Also, I didn't study well until 2019, so I need some time to improve my English skills.

Do you use English or Chinese to talk with my schoolmates?

When I talk with my new schoolmates, I will use English first because it can improve my English communication skills. Then use Chinese only if they cannot speak English.

Also, my new school will use English to teach knowledge at all.

What is 1603?

It was my personal password previously since 2013, but it becomes my personal code / PIN since January 2018. It can identify me by this number, so my username and my website’s domain use “kendeng1603” instead of “kendeng” to avoid the conflict.

Tip: You can search “Ken Deng 1603” or "Ken's Study Journey" on Google or Bing to find me easily.

What Apple devices do you have?

I have the following Apple devices:

  • MacBook Air 2017 (acting as the main unit of my home PC)
  • Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse (with my home PC)
  • MacBook Pro 2020 (Intel chip; 4 Type-C ports)
  • AirPods Pro
  • iPhone X

I like using Apple devices because they are better than other Windows and Android devices and I feel convenient while studying. For more information, please read this article.


What is the name and the website of your school? Where is it?

My new school is called: Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS).

It is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China, which is adjacent to Guangzhou.

It has a website:

Do you need to have accommodation in senior high school?

It is essential to live in the school during my senior high studying journey because any of the senior high schools I want to go into is far away from my home, whatever the school I will be in.

I will live in school on weekdays and go back home at weekend.

What is the type of your course?

The type of my course is IGCSE, in which I can learn many knowledge based on my interests.

What courses do your study in your school?

There are a wide range of courses I study in my school.

Compulsory: Chinese (First Language) (0509), Mathematics (0580), Physics (0625), Chemistry (0620), Economics (0455), AS Mathematics (9709)*, IELTS, PE.

Optional: Computer Science (0478), Additional Mathematics (0606).

Note: Students in my school study AS Math on IGCSE Grade, A2 Math on AS Grade, and Higher Math on A2 grade. This is because IGCSE mathematics is easy for us.

Does your school have uniforms?

Yes, it does. It has multiple colours and we wear different colours on different days.

Please note: It is against my school rule for not wearing school uniform or wearing it as a wrong colour.

Does your school allow or ban electronic devices?

My school bans electronic devices such as cellphones or iPads. It can prevent students from playing games all day, even in the class.

What is your study routine in senior high school?

There is more pressure during my senior high school life and it will follow this principle: remember English words after get up, read books for at least an hour every day, watch an English movie every Friday evening.

I have my excellent study approaches, reducing my burden on studying, improving my study efficiency, and having enough sleeping time.

Also, I often post my schedule on my website. You can go to to see my schedule.

What is your study plan for each grade in senior high school?

Grade 10 (the 1st year): Prepare for the IELTS exam.

Grade 11 (the 2nd year): Do some activities related to my major I will study in the university.

Grade 12 (the 3rd year): Prepare for studying in a university or college.

Website and Blog

Why did you start your personal website and blog?

I want to share my ideas and practice my English and writing ability.

Also, I have my own study strategy and tips, so I want to share them to others to encourage students to study effectively and get excellent results.

In addition, I want to make English friends worldwide.

What is the period for writing new articles of your blog?

Regularly, I write and publish new articles on my blog only if I have free time. This rule is implemented to let me focus on studying.

Why do you use reCAPTCHA to protect your website?

My website received too many spam comments, messages and emails, and my server was almost crashed.

Note: I upgraded the reCAPTCHA to v3 from the old v2 checkbox to prevent users from being interrupted. My server has been recording the scores for reCAPTCHA v3 to prevent spam.

Why did you add the Chinese language to your website and blog?

I am going to give an opportunity to foreigners in China to practice Chinese. Also, many Chinese friends and my parents cannot use English. So, I made my website bilingual between English and Chinese-Simplified.

In fact, my website only has an English version after I have built my website on February 2019 until September 2019.

Can I post guest posts on your blog?

No. Any guest posts are not allowed on my blog because I need to keep the originality of the content on my blog.

Audio Articles (of my Blog)

Why your blog provides audio articles?

This is because I need to practice my English speaking and pronunciation and enable people who cannot or are not convenient to read the text to 'read' my articles.

My English pronunciation may be wrong because I am a Chinese student studying English. People can send your feedback by sending me comments in my articles or messages.

Since April 2021, all new articles have their audio version. The player is embedded at the top of each article. Also, you can listen to or download them (MP3 file) on this page.

What software do you use to record your audio articles?

I use Adobe Audition to record my audio articles.

Adobe Audition is software made by Adobe that can record voice or songs, make Podcasts, make audio files (usually MP3 format), analyse and edit audio files, and so on. Podcasters, broadcasters and singers can use it to record their voice and add some background music.

In addition, it has an advantage over basic voice recorder software in the OS that I can cut off sentences or paragraphs that has been read incorrectly and record them again. So, I do not need to record the whole audio again and again.

Do you offer audio script for your audio articles?

Yes, I also publish a copy of the audio script along the way I publish new articles and its audio.

There will be an 'Audio Scripts' button beside the audio player. You can open the PDF file and see what's are recorded in case you cannot understand the audio.

What devices, equipments and environments do you use to record your audio articles?

There is a microphone on the desk of my home's bedroom connected to my home PC. So, it is very convenient for me to read out the draft on the microphone directly.

Outside my home, I usually use either my portable microphone that can be clipped on my clothes, the internal microphone of my MacBook Pro, or even my Airpods Pro.

I always record my voice in a quiet environment (e. g. my home bedroom, hotel room). All of the devices mentioned above include a noise cancellation feature that removes the sounds apart from my voice.

My home bedroom can be acted as a voice recording studio because it is very quiet when the doors and windows are closed and hence I installed a microphone suitable for voice recording there.

Where do you find and download background music?

In YouTube audio library*. Here I can find and download copyright free background music.

I was previous a YouTuber, so I always find copyright free music there for my videos and audio articles.

* Note: The Audio Library link is now only available for YouTubers. You need to log in to your Google account to access it.