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The First Several Weeks of Studying IGCSE at Senior High School

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 19 Sep. 2020

Approx. 1900 words, 8 mins

School has holidays, but studying doesn’t have. Hello there! Welcome to Ken’s study journey train. Today, I am going to tell you something about the first several weeks in my senior high school, GCGS.

The first several weeks in my senior high school life was over, in which I have gained knowledge, made some new friends, and got great results.

This is the first article on my blog in senior high school. I am sorry that my website is paused to update for several weeks since the semester starts. This is because I was busy with the first IELTS exam.

By the way, I featured a WeChat public subscription account operated by some students in GCGS, which provides some tips and tutorials, and something happen to them.

One of my junior high schoolmates, Alex, has successfully entered an amazing school, SCIE. I will make comparisons with school situations and routine between two schools.

In this article, I am going to introduce what happened during the first several weeks of my senior high school life. Follow me!

Note: This article may contain the school information and/or some WeChat public accounts. If you are a staff or an editor and you do not want them to be displayed on my website, please contact me to delete them.

My Senior High School

What and Where is my Senior High School?

My school is called: GCGS, Guangdong Country Garden School, which is situated in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China.

Foshan is a city that is adjacent to Guangzhou, so it is convenient to go to school and go back home. It is an hour drive away from my home.

Also, it has school buses that run between GCGS and traffic center in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, the place where I live.

GCGS Senior High School Sign

The Courses in my School

There are many types of courses for senior high school, like MYP/DP, IGCSE/A-Level, and AP.

The type of my course is IGCSE, in which I can learn many knowledge based on my interests.

Strict Rules in my School

My school has strict rules and enforcement, so I have sense of safety. It has zero tolerance for the violation of the rules, especially for bullying in the school.

It has a credit system, in which teachers can add or deduct points according to student’s behaviors.

Also, my class has its own rules, which are made by our classmates and modified by my home room teacher. It also affects the credits.

What’s more, students with high credit points have more opportunities to enjoy some activities that are related to study.

More importantly, if students violate the rules by mistakes and they acknowledge with the violations, the points deducted will be lower than the intended violations. Also, they can offset the errors by paying extra work so the points will be added back.

As I am an obedient student, I always (95% of the time) follow the rules, so I never get in big trouble in my school, being praised by my teachers.

Study Routine in Senior High

I always have an ‘alleviated’ study routine, so I can use the time properly and study effectively whatever the number of tasks is.

We have 4 classes every day (except for Friday) and 2 self-study lessons every evening. Each class lasts 80 minutes. However, it doesn’t have a midday nap.

The senior high section of my school imitates the routine in SCIE, so I can adapt to the routine in western schools in advance.

There is a club time between 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM, in which I can study with members in the clubs I participate in.

The school ends at 2:30 PM on Friday as we go home by the school bus that departs at 3:00 PM. Meanwhile, the school bus from Phoenix City departs at 4:00 PM every Sunday.

For more information, please see my schedule. My excellent study tips and my resources are opened for every students to study.

New Friends in Senior High

I made some new friends in senior high school in the first 3 weeks, some of which like studying and helping people.

It is crucial to make friends because we need to collaborate to study effectively, helping each other solve problems.

When I was in junior high school PCIS, however, I didn’t like making friends because I didn’t know the importance of this.

I have an ‘English Priority’ principle in senior high school, so I may attempt to use English to chat with my teachers, schoolmates, and friends. Meanwhile, my school encourages students to speak English actively.

My New Plan, Goals and Preparations

In order to study better in senior high school, I have updated my plan and goals and prepared well for a new study journey.

I have been featured by many schools since 2019, such as Aipei English, TCTM Programming for Children, and Phoenix City International School (PCIS, my junior high school).

New Study Goals in Senior High School

I have updated my daily goals in order to study better and get better scores in senior high school.

  1. Remember at least 40 English words. *
  2. Read books for at least 1 hour. *
  3. Read books for at least 1 character. *
  4. Speak at least 100 English sentences. *
  5. Write at least 150 English sentences.*
  6. Walk for at least 10,000 steps.
  7. Chat with at least 4 friends.
  8. Raise my hand at least once during the lesson.
  9. Take notes for at least 4 pages.

Meanwhile, I made my printed version of daily goals checklist to check whether I have finished my goals today. This is because my school restricts electronic devices usage. Furthermore, I summarize the situations of the achievements of my goals every weekend.

Attempting to Use English

In my senior high school, I will have more opportunities to study and practice English because of the course type and the environment. However, I didn't practice much English before some people can't speak English.

When I talk with my new schoolmates, I will use English first because it can improve my English communication skills. Then use Chinese only if they cannot speak English.

Also, my new school will use English to teach knowledge at all.

Helping Others Actively

I would like to help others actively while I am in senior high school. That is because I have some inspirations from some movies I have seen and some helpful people while I am traveling.

For instance, I found that there were some helpful staff who wear clothes written 'Here to Help' in public places during the United Kingdom summer camp in 2019, like Heathrow Airport.

I will help you actively for the following situations:

  • Cannot arrange your daily life.
  • Cannot stop your bad habits.
  • Experience computer problems.
  • Cannot solve questions (except Chinese, sports and history)
  • Too much burden on studying.
  • Cannot improve your study efficiency or score.

During my junior high study journey, I should have helped others because I don’t know that I should help others and how to help in grade 7 and 8, and I don’t have time to help due to the preparation of an entrance exam in grade 9. I am regret about my life in grade 7.

If you are a student in GCGS, you can find me in my free time. We always wear our school uniform on school days.

Please note: It is against my school rule for not wearing school uniform or wear it as a wrong color.

A Useful WeChat Public Account

By the way, I am going to recommend a WeChat public account, which is operated by 3 senior high students in GCGS who were in PCIS previously and did a community project called: 言值Top.

This account is called: 三个沙雕高中生的日常 (The Daily Life of 3 Senior High Students). ID: gh_937325e79183

They often share their study tips, school life, and some interesting knowledge.

Note: My community project in Grade 9 is called: Use Computer Safely (“机”不可失). It has a website, but it has been merged to my personal website now to improve user's experience.

Other Recommended Official Accounts about Studying

I also recommend some WeChat official accounts about studying that are worth learning operated by some excellent students from PCIS, GCGS, and SCIE.

As I am a senior high student, I have massive study tasks so I may pause to update my articles at any time. You can get their latest study tips and tutorials in case I paused updating my website.

Name WeChat ID
赵某 gh_cc1b32a3e6f8
林杂琐事 linza5977
没头发的IB Learner ZZzz110712
玛丽的勤奋书桌 gh_75444644838b

Joining Clubs

I have participated in some of my favorite clubs. This is why I was busy for the club registration last week.

There are different kinds of clubs. For example, providing study ways, making environment better, computer competitions training, etc.

Comparing with SCIE

There are 3 schoolmates in PCIS who have been recruited by a famous senior high school SCIE, Shenzhen College of International Education.

Both GCGS and SCIE have their own advantages, but GCGS is more suitable for me.

I failed the entrance exam in SCIE because my fundamental knowledge was not adequate as I didn't study consciously in the past while I was in primary school. Meanwhile, I regret that I didn't study well in a number of years.

For example, GCGS has many activities and a credit system, which encourages students to study better and apply the knowledge learned at school in real life. Its strict rules can bring me a sense of safety.

However, SCIE is freedom, which allows electronic devices and their students can use their phones and computers freely. This is because all of their students are excellent, who have strong self-management skills.

Busy Study Tasks

I am sorry that my personal website has paused updating for the first 3 weeks in my senior high school, but I need to do so to focus on study tasks.

Normally, I publish 1 to 2 new articles about my great study tips on my website/blog every weekend.

According to my "study priority" principle, I will pause updating my blog if one of the following situations occurs:

  1. 2 weeks before an important exam or competition. (weekly and monthly exams are excepted)
  2. Dramatic decrease on my scores.
  3. Too many study tasks with no free time.

So, I may pause updating my website and blog at any time. If I don't do that, the following consequences may occur:

  1. Dramatic decrease on my scores.
  2. Too much burden on study tasks.

Upgrading my Public Resources

As I am an excellent student, I need to share my study tips to others to let people know how I study better and get excellent results.

Recently, there was a personal brand upgrade. I have changed the name of my website to "Ken's Study Journey" to attract more visitors to learn my excellent study ways and tips.

As I planned last semester, I am going to use plenty of similes and metaphors to let students understand my content, which uses 'train' and related words (e. g. depart, terminal, assistance button).

Also, my website address is changed to instead of (Don't worry, you will be redirected to my new website if you continue to use my old address.)


This is an article about my the first several weeks in my senior high school. I introduced my senior high school, my school life for the first several weeks, and recommended a useful WeChat public account.

I hope I can study well, get better scores and adapt to a new strange studying environment in my new school.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

If you like this post, please click the thumb up button below and share this article. Also, you can write down your comment below if you have any ideas.

Still have questions or cannot understand my articles? Don't be hesitant to contact me and I am here to help you. I speak English and Chinese.

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