English Vocabulary Cards (with Chinese Meanings)

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Hello there! I am Ken and this is my English vocabulary cards template with Chinese meanings.

Since 2020, I have invented my vocabulary cards to remember new English words in my school in my free time, especially when waiting to pick up food in the school mess.

There are 2 parts in the card. The English words are situated in the left hand side, while another side shows the corresponding meanings and their parts of speech. I usually cover one side to test myself to recall the items I have just remembered.

One piece of card can display only a few words. This is because the size of the card is very small, which is similar to a card, so it is easy to put into the pocket and I can carry it and remember words anywhere.

Also, I can remember just a number words repeatedly, so I can remember the words much faster. Then, I can change to the next card only if I have remembered all words on the card successfully.

In order to let students to remember English words much faster like me, I have made the template of my English vocabulary cards (the latest version, v3).

You just need Adobe Photoshop, A4 papers, a printer, and a scissor to make your own English vocabulary cards.

You can also see my English vocabulary library to explore the English words I have just remembered recently. Also, you can download and print the cards directly that I have just used.

  See my Vocabulary Library

Note: I am a Chinese student, so the cards contain Chinese meanings of the words. Other languages are not supported.

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