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Grade 9 Community Project

We have Merged the Community Project Website to Ken's Personal Website

Scroll Down to view our basic information, projects, teammates, and more information related to our team.

Recently, the trains of our junior high study journey and our community project journey have arrived at the terminal. Different teammates will enter different classes in senior high school.

Our teammates will have difficulty to communicate with each other and the study tasks in senior high school will be heavier than in junior high school, having no time to collaborate.

Our leader will merge his personal website and our community project website in order to manage conveniently, save and have more space in his server, extending the features on his personal website.

Since then, you can view some excellent study approaches and tutorials from the leader and some computer safety knowledge from our team on his personal website. Also, new articles about computer safety knowledge will be published on his personal website.

As the leader Ken is an excellent student, he is providing his tips for studying effectively. He is also interested in computer, but there are lack of articles on his personal website, so merging them is essential.

You can download our projects and finish our computer safety quiz on the 'Community Project' page on the leader's personal website if you have not downloaded them yet.

We will continue our community project until August 2022 according to our plan. You can continue to explore our computer safety knowledge and ask the leader at any time if you have any questions about computer during this period.

Our Original Website (Merged currently)

Community Project Website Chinese

Welcome to my "Use Computer Safely" Community Project!

In grade 9 in my school, we need to do the Community Project.

I chose the theme for my group: Using Computer Safely. My group will teach people how to use the computer safely, and send tutorials and tips about this.

I will do the Community Project for 9 months, between Sep. 2019 and Jun. 2020.

This is a community project that we must do in grade 9. It runs for a year, we need to use the knowledge we learned from school to change the real life.

We are a "Use Computer Safely" community project group in Class 3 Grade 9, International Section MYP, Phoenix City International School. We will use the knowledge from subjects we learned to teach everyone to use the computer safely.

The community project website and the official app were designed and made by me because I have strong programming ability, and all members will manage them (write articles and reply comments).

Our Logo

Community Project Logo

There are 3 colors outside and they are rotated clockwise. Red means we encounter computer problems. Yellow means don’t be panic, and we need to find solutions. Green means the problem has been solved.

They have formed as a circulate because we may encounter new problems after a problem has been solved.

Meanwhile, there is a blue shield in the center of our logo, which means our team is going to protect your computer safety while you are using your computers.

Our Projects

We have made many computer safety projects during the community project time.

Computer Safety Handbook

This is our computer safety handbook, which involves 22 computer safety knowledge and some common computer problems and solutions.

It uses A5 papers so that you can carry it with you alongside and view safety tips at any time.

You can download its e-book on our website or get the paper version from our team.

Computer Safety Handbook 1.2 1
  View / Download Computer Safety Handbook 1.3

Note: The download speed may slow because of the bandwidth limit of our server. Please wait for a few seconds, it can be loaded completely in 8 seconds normally. Your patience can guarantee your computer safety.

Computer Safety Quiz

This quiz can inspect your safeness of your habits of using computers and your computers' safeness, and make sure you can use computers safely.

It will show a score after you have answered all questions and some advice according to your situations.

You can play the quiz on our website.

Computer Safety Quiz 2.1
  Do the Quiz

Computer Safety Knowledge Answering Robot

Members Ken and Angel also made a robot who can answer people’s computer safety questions. This is a kind of high-tech things.

You just need to ask him some computer safety questions, and he will answer them.

Ken do programming and Angel do model assembling. Both of them record voices.

Computer Safety Robot

Computer Safety Fast-remembering Rap

The member Hank also has made a rap in order to let people remember the computer safety knowledge rapidly.

It makes your impression about computer safety deeper and deeper with its brisk rhythm and lyrics with rhymes, which can let you use your computers safely at any time.

  Download our Rap

Rap Lyrics

U盘使用右键打开, 而不双击打开,中了就真的该。

Abandoned Projects

However, we have abandoned some projects and our projects are adequate. There may be less time for our members, limitations of the technical skills, and the essentials of our projects.

  • Computer password keyboard safety cover.
  • "Internet Security Assistant" Browser Plugin.
  • Computer safety phone app.

Team Members

Ken Deng (Leader)

I am our team leader, I have strong computer and programming ability, and I got a Microsoft Technology Associate certificate. I also have my personal website. Our community project website were designed and made by me.

Hank Zheng

Hello, my name is Hank and my Chinese name is Zheng Haoheng (郑皓恒). I am the administrator of our website. I hope you can learn how to use computer correctly on this website. At the same time, I hope students can don't copy, pay attention to academic honesty.

Angel Ouyang

Hello, my name is Angel, and my Chinese name is Ouyang Anqi (欧阳安琪). I hope you can understand how to use computers correctly through our community project. I am responsible for making posters in our community project.