Graduate and Go to Senior High School

The study journey in the junior high school is arriving at the terminal, I have gained a lot during which. I will graduate and go to senior high school.

There were some activities, major events, blog articles, and friends in my junior high school before graduate, which can make my junior high school life more abundant.

Meanwhile, my scores were higher and higher as I was working hard, becoming an excellent student and being featured by my extra classes and my school.


Junior High Terminal Poster

Major Events during my Junior High School Life

May 2018: I was forced to go to some extra classes to study because of the low scores.

August 2018: I started my YouTube channel and practice English after the summer camp in Chicago, United States.

January 2019: I moved to English class A from class B as my English score increased.

February 2019: I created my personal website and blog, starting to use English to share my experiences, tutorials, and make English friends.

April 2019: I was featured by Aipei English, an English extra class. Then, I participated in the Spelling Bee competition in Beijing, China and I got inspirations from it, beginning to strive.

October 2019: I was featured by TCTM, a programming extra class for children.

November 2019: My exam scores are entered the top 10 in the whole grade.

April 2020: I got an outstanding award in a programming competition, becoming one of the top 5 around China.

May 2020: I was featured by my school as an excellent student, being put in the main hall in the school building.

Activities Before Graduating

We had some activities before graduating, which can record our life in the junior high school.

Blog Articles during my Junior High School Life

I have posted some knowledgeable and helpful articles on my website.



Awards and Being Featured

Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China

My Junior High School Friends

I did not make friends when I am in grade 7 and grade 8 because I didn’t know that I should make friends with schoolmates, and I was regret about my life in grades 7 and 8.

After that, I have been making friends with my schoolmates with similar interests and hobbies so that we can study better together.

Class 1

  • Alex Wang
  • Sherry Hong
  • Eric Zhong

Class 2

  • Kate Lin
  • Erik Xie

Class 3

  • Bill Xu
  • Hank Zheng

I am Waiting for you at Senior High School

I will become a senior high student and I will go to a senior high school soon, crossing the bridge between junior high school and senior high school.

Also, I will make more friends, gain more knowledge, read more books, and help more people in need in the senior high school and I will associate with my community project team (Use Computer Safety / “机”不可失) to solve people’s computer problems and answer their questions about computer safety during the senior high school life.

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