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A Level international exam / assessment is in progress. Ken's Study Journey hopes you can pass the exam and get outstanding results!

Great Study Habits

These are My Great Study Habits

Great Study Habits are Productive

Active Recall+

Remember Knowledge Firmly and Achieve your Goals

By recalling the knowledge and goals, you will remember knowledge firmly and achieve all your daily goals.

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It Improves Yourself on your Study Journey

Self-reflection can recall the things you have done, improvements to be made, and work need to do later.

Learn More > Before you Sleep

Take Exercise

Strengthen your Body and Boost your Productivity

Taking exercise for about 30 minutes a day not only does not waste your studying time but also boosts your productivity.

Learn More > Exercise Pathway

Personal Rules

Making Sure you have Great Study Habits

I have been making some personal rules to make sure I have some great and productive study habits.

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Discover Knowledge in Real Life

It Explains Phenomenona Every Day

Knowledge appears Everywhere, I discover them Anywhere.

Learn More > Image in Top Student's Mind

Utilise Free Time

The time is Fragile. Don't waste every second.

You can read books, listen to English audio and remember English words in your free time.

Learn More > Image in Top Student's Mind

Strict Requirements

Ensuring the Quality on your Study Tasks and Products

Requirements are the pivot for studying. Top students usually set some strict requirements.

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Cable Management

Widen your Study Area and Space with Tidiness

Tidying up cables in their bedrooms can create a clean study environment and improve you productivity.

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Cable Management

Now, Study Effectively with my Recommended Study Habits!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!