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Active Recall+

Remember Knowledge Firmly and Achieve your Goals

Goals Achievement Rate
Do you usually forget the knowledge points you have learned?
Students usually review and recall the knowledge after learning.
By the way, you can also think about the finish/achievement rate on your tasks and daily goals.
Here are the Benefits

An Improved Algorithm

From now on, I have started using other's study strategies for references plus my experiences on my study strategies. Active Recall can let you remember the knowledge points firmly.

As you walk around the school building or path, you can recall the knowledge you have learned to firmly remember them.

In my improved algorithm, Active Recall+ (Plus), you can also recall the finish rate of your today's tasks and achievement rate of your daily goals, making appropriate plans for the remaining of the day.

Goals Achievement Rate

Recall and Relax

Students who study hard usually feel exhausted since the knowledge points can be increasingly difficult.

After leaving the classroom and while walking around the school, they will regain energy for studying. So, you can recall the knowledge while walking.

For example,
sinh(x) = (ex - e-x) / 2
cosh(x) = (ex + e-x) / 2

Knowledge Plus Goals

After adopting other's useful study technique "Active Recall", I usually recall not only knowledge but also my daily goals achievement rate. This has formed my revised "Active Recall+ (Plus)" method.

You can arrange and adjust the tasks list of the remaining times during the day according to the situations. For example, you can do more things to achieve your goals and review forgotten knowledge.

Start Recalling Knowledge and your Goals Achievement Rate

By recalling the knowledge and goals, you will remember knowledge firmly and achieve all your daily goals.

Now, Study Effectively with my Great Habits!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!