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A Level international exam / assessment is in progress. Ken's Study Journey hopes you can pass the exam and get outstanding results!

Discover Knowledge in Real Life

It Explains Phenomenona Every Day

Image in Top Student's Mind
Do you know why we get sweat when climbing a mountain?
Do you know why iron (Fe) rusts?
Do you know why does 1GB = 1024MB1?
Do you know why people buy things when the price decreases?
These phenomena are explained by knowledge we learned in school2.
Knowledge is Useful, Applying is Essential.
Here’s Why we should Discover Knowledge3 in Real Life

Memorise Knowledge more Firmly

Many students have a variety of ways to keep knowledge in their mind.

However, I always discover knowledge I learned from my school in real life along the way I revise knowledge before an exam or while relaxing after studying for a long time.

This is because it can help me find out and recall relevant knowledge points when observing the phenomenon in nature.

Explain Phenomena Happen in Real Life

Knowledge of most subjects can be used to explain the things that usually happen in real life, like mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, biology, economics and computer science.

I think that 75% of the knowledge4 can explain what happen in real life.

Without knowledge, we will not able to learn why some special or scientific phenomena happen, even though they are explained in the news websites or newspapers.

Let Other Top Students Correct Errors

Not only can it let other students know that I discovered knowledge in real life and help them understand difficult knowledge points more easily, but also it lets other top students correct errors in case I made some errors when sharing the knowledge.

With this, we can also study with each other and get help from other top students by discovering and sharing knowledge in real life.

Let Other Students Understand Difficult Knowledge Points More Easily

I usually give some examples in real life along the way I teach other classmates in my free time acting as a top student.

Students can understand difficult knowledge points more easily associating with phenomena in real life. This is because they can make observations on the things related to the knowledge learned.

Start Discovering and Sharing Knowledge in Real Life

You can also share your knowledge to me, your friends, classmates or teachers.

If you cannot understand a knowledge point I mentioned, you can see my knowledge explanations on my website.

Now, Study Effectively with my Great Habits!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!

1. Computers usually display GB and MB, but in A Level Computer Science, 1GiB(gibibyte) = 1024MB, 1GB = 1000MB.

2. You do not need to learn all knowledge mentioned above or in my articles or social media based on your interests and the courses you selected in your school.

3. Some knowledge in literature subjects may not be discovered in real life. Knowledge that can be discovered are usually science subjects.

4. Based on my statistics of the knowledge I learned in my school.