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Strict Requirements

Ensuring the Quality on your Study Tasks and Products

Labelling Bookshelf in my Bedroom
Requirements are the Pivot for Studying
Top students usually set some strict requirements so they can ensure the quality of their study and work.
Don’t be overtaken by other top students!
Here are my Requirements

Recall at least 50% Main Idea

We always lost some content whether they are important or unimportant while reading books, listening to lectures, TED talks or podcasts, or watching YouTube videos.

To ensure that I absorb even all contents on the materials I have just ingested, I made a requirement that I need to recall at least 50% of the main idea after listening or reading.

If I fail to recall it, I will need to listen or read again and again1 to obtain the missing parts.

Reducing Basic Errors

We may generate some English errors like spelling, grammar or pronunciation when writing articles on the Internet, or some errors when finishing homework.

So, I have also created a requirement that I need to keep the errors on my homework as low as possible, which should not exceed 20% unless it is close to its deadline or I have a very heavy workload.

Be aware of English Tones when Listening Materials2

The person behind English TED talks, Podcasts and YouTube videos are all native speakers, so I can imitate their voice and tones while listening or watching.

So, I am going to try to imitate their voice and tones while listening to English materials. This can not only correct my wrong pronunciations but also raise my awareness of tones in English speaking.

Have a Tidy and Cosy Studying Environment

The tidier the environment is, the more productivity we will have.

With a tidy place and great hygiene, we can find our materials more easily and quickly. Also, we will not be interfered with by mosquitos flying around us while studying.

So, I always keep my study environment tidy and clean at not only my school, but also my bedroom at home. Also, I clean my bedroom and organise my bookshelf on a monthly basis.

There are many things that we need to keep tidy, like desktop, cupboard, bookshelf and floor.

Requirements of Daily Goals

Goals are the set of tasks amount that we need to complete on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. It also can be terminals that you want to go to in the future.

They can be very small and you can accumulate knowledge every day, but you cannot pursue yourself without goals.

I have set a standard of the achievement rate of my daily goals every month. I need to have a rate greater than 50% on each goal3 at the end of the month. Otherwise, I will need to adjust my study plan for the next month to better achieve my goals.

  See my Goals

Chat with Classmates in English4

Chatting in English can practice and improve my English speaking skills. Practice makes perfect. By practising more and more every single day, we can have adequate skills with sufficient advanced vocabulary and grammar one day.

I have already made this promise before entering senior high school. So, I will keep this promise to enhance my English skills.

Start Making your Requirements Today

Top students usually make their strict requirements to ensure their study quality.

The requirements can be different according to your situations.

Start making your requirements and overtake other top students.

Now, Study Effectively with my Great Habits!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!

1. If you fail to do that several times on the same day (perhaps because you are tired sometimes), you may listen to or read the same material again a few days later.

2. This method is designed for non-English native speakers.

3. The goals should not be too high, or we will increase our burden with the limitation of our skills. We can finish our goals according to situations.

4. This method is designed for students in international schools studying English, IELTS or TOEFL exams.