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Take Exercise

Strengthen your Body and Boost your Productivity

Take Exercise Path
Do you feel exhausted while studying?
Sometimes, you need to take exercise while studying to make your body stronger.
It can also boost your energy and productivity while studying.
Here is Why

Strengthen your Body

There are a number of exercises you can take, both indoors and outdoors, like Table Tennis, Badminton, Cycling, Running, and Walking.

You can take exercise for about 30 minutes a day1. This not only does not waste your studying time but also boosts your productivity.

There are a number of places for taking exercise in your free time, including school gym2, home's gym3, gyms near your home, and on the street for walking and running.

Home Gym

Discover Knowledge in Real Life

You also can discover knowledge in real life during the exercise pathway.

By the way, you can take some photos of the scenery to make a deep memory for the future.

Active Recall+

While you are taking exercise, you can also recall the knowledge you have learned using my "Active Recall+" algorithm.

Discovering knowledge in real life is also an appropriate method to recall knowledge points.

Start Taking Exercise Every Day and Boost your Productivity

Taking exercise for about 30 minutes a day not only does not waste your studying time but also boosts your productivity.

Now, Study Effectively with my Great Habits!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!

1. For reference only. Based on the default goals on Apple Watch and my experiences and recommendations. You can choose a suitable time and amount.

2. The availability and opening time of school gyms may vary among schools.

3. Based on my study routine at home. The availability of home gyms may vary. You can find gyms nearby if your home doesn't have a gym.