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Last Updated: Feb. 21, 2021 11:40 AM

As I am a senior high student, my daily studying tasks are heavier than a bookshelf that has hundreds of books. I need to take time to study, chat with my friends, recite new English words, write my blog, and so on.

I got a full mark (150/150 points) on my mathematics min-semester exam in grade 9 first semester. It is an excellent score! I also got the first rank in my class for my mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer score, and total score for all discipline.

Do you know how I study better and get better results? It is secret! Now, I am going to share my ways to study better.

I have some ways to study better, such as Useful Studying Apps, Daily Goals Checklist, Sticking Signs in my Bedroom, Planning for every day, Setting and Trying to Achieve Daily Goals, etc.

Study Plan

  • Watch an English movie every Friday evening, on the train or airplane.
  • Read books on the evening self-study lessons after I have finished all my study tasks, in the café, on the train or airplane.
  • Remember English words when waiting in the queue (for example, in the school mess), on the bus or underground. (use Quizlet and/or my own vocabulary cards)
  • Listen to English audio on the car, train or airplane. For example, TED Talks, Apple Podcasts, and audio articles. Music is excepted.
  • Discover and share academic knowledge in real life while travelling.
  • Practice English pronunciation using dubbing app every morning (except school days).

Daily Goals

I have been set some daily goals to force me to do studying things and study better.

Some of my previous goals have been removed to reduce my burden while studying.

Note: It is better to see the table below on a computer or iPad rather than a smart phone.

Last Updated: Feb. 21, 2021 7:15 AM

No. Goal Weekdays Weekend and Holidays
Goals 1-3, pause during and a week before exam day(s).
1 remember English words 40 40
2 read books (time, minutes) 30 30
3 read books (chapter) 1 1
Goals 4-6, for weekends and holidays only.
4 listen to English audio (minutes)
OR listening test
OR English speech
NOT music
5 practice English speaking using dubbing app (videos) 1
6 read news 1
Goals 7-10, generally no exceptions.
7 speak English (sentences) 100 50
8 write English (sentences) 200 150
9 chat with friends using English (include Siri) 2 2
10 take exercise (minutes) 15 30

Also, I made my study plan manager system ( to manage my study plan, daily goals and schedule effectively as I have strong computer programming skills and I like computer programming.

However, only I can use this system currently because it is on the internal test (Beta) stage and it is incomplete. I will let you know once I finished the project and you will be able to register an account and use it.

My Schedule

I have put my schedule on my website publicly to encourage students learn my study strategy and study effectively.

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My Daily Goals Checklist

Meanwhile, I made my printed version of daily goals checklist to check whether I have finished my goals today. This is because my school restricts electronic devices usage. Furthermore, I summarize the situations of the achievements of my goals every weekend.

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Things to do Every Day (Weekends and Holidays)

After getting up

  1. Turn off the alarm clock.
  2. Remove contact lens.
  3. Check the weather today.
  4. Wear clothes.
  5. Fold the quilt.
  6. Turn off the mosquito repellent.
  7. Turn off the air conditioning (if it is enabled).
  8. Open the windows for breathing.
  9. Brush teeth (at least 3 mins) and wash face (at least 1 min) with lotion.
  10. Unmute the phone.
  11. Wear the watch.
  12. Check and reply for comments and emails (include ‘spam’ folder).
  13. See the to do list and plan for the new day.
  14. Unplug electronic devices that are charging.
  15. Check things in the bag and/or luggage again.

Before sleeping

  1. Fill in the daily goals checklist.
  2. Turn on the mosquito repellent.
  3. Turn on the air conditioning (if it is enabled) and close the window.
  4. Check and reply for comments and emails (include ‘spam’ folder).
  5. See the to do list and plan for tomorrow.
  6. Check the weather and prepare for clothes for tomorrow.
  7. Set the alarm clock.
  8. Mute the phone.
  9. Charge electronic devices.
  10. Check for updates of the system and apps on the devices. (every day)
  11. Put things into the bag and/or luggage for tomorrow.
  12. Brush teeth again.
  13. Put the rubber band onto the dental brace.
  14. Take medicine for eyes.
  15. Wear contact lens.

Signs in my Bedroom

I added some signs in my bedroom to improve my self-management skill. I have a good self-management skill but sometimes I am mismanaged.

The cards can let me manage myself better by showing the reminders and warnings in case I forgot.

I usually see the cards so I can remember them, then I can stop my bad habits.

I am very like English, and the cards are bilingual between English and Chinese.

You just need to make the signs like that and stick around your bedroom.

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My Personal Bookmark

My Bookmark 2020

This is my personal bookmark I made by myself. It has a large reminder about what can remind me to read books at least an hour every single day on its front side.

It also has some reading tips suggested by myself on another side.

There is also my personal logo on each side because the bookmark has been designed by myself. I want to keep my branding on it.

You can make your own bookmark like this using your paper.

My personal bookmark is opened for downloading now, you can download my personal bookmark and make your own for free.

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Things that can improve my study efficiency

Many schools ban electronic devices to ensure student's safety. However, we still can use some non-electronic things to let me study effectively.

I have been inventing some new ways and things to study better and effectively since 2019, so my scores were better and better. Also, I have been featured by my extra classes and schools as an excellent student and entered the top 10 in my whole grade for the scores.

There are many things that can improve my study efficiency, such as vocabulary cards, daily goals checklist, sticky note reminders, my personal bookmark, schedule, study plan, folders, and signs in my bedroom.

To learn more about how I study efficiently, please click the button below:

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I am going to provide the latest suggestions and recommendations to study better. I will keep updating this page in order to provide my latest study tips.

It's recommended to bookmark and keep checking this page to receive my latest study strategy, which can let you study better and improve your scores.

These are my newest studying tips and newest ways to study better, I hope you can improve your score and your ability like me.

If you have any questions or need any help, don't be hesitate to contact me and I am glad to help you.

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