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Chemistry and Computer Knowledge behind iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 20 Sep. 2021

Approx. 700 words, 3 mins

Hello there! My name is Ken and I am a Chinese senior high A Level student in Guangdong Country Garden School. Welcome to Ken's Study Journey website and blog!

Recently, iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 were released which contain IGCSE chemistry and computer science knowledge. This knowledge can make Apple devices more durable.

I always discover, apply and share some academic knowledge in real life because they can explain phenomena in the real-life context. For example, chemistry knowledge can explain why iron (Fe) rusts and how to prevent rusting.

As well as discovering knowledge in real life, I also write and share my knowledge explanations as a top student so more students can understand some difficult knowledge points whatever I share.

Both iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 use stainless steel and OLED screens, which are related to Cambridge IGCSE chemistry and computer science knowledge.

Do you know why new Apple products are durable and have better screen displays? Let's explore the knowledge behind!

Benefits and New Features

It is obvious that there are loads of new useful features on new Apple devices than the past models.

I would like to talk about some new alluring features first. Some features are relevant to the knowledge we learned at school.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 brings some new useful features comparing with iPhone 12 and earlier models.

  1. Pink colour
  2. Increased battery life
  3. Diagnoal cameras
  4. Cinematic mode
  5. A15 bionic chip
  6. Stainless steel (Pro only)
  7. Better OLED screen display with higher nits
  8. (etc.)
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Apple Watch 7

There are also some incredible new features on Apple Watch 7 compared with its earlier version.

  1. Full screen without borders
  2. New colours
  3. Increaesed battery life and faster charging
  4. Always-on Retina display
  5. Thicker front crystal
  6. Automatic cycling detection
  7. Titanium (Ti), stainless steel and aluminium (Al)
  8. OLED screen display
  9. (etc.)
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Chemistry Knowledge

Among a number of awesome new features, stainless steel is relevant to chemistry knowledge.

Stainless Steels

Do you know why are iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 durable and resistant to corrosion and cracking? It is the effect of the stainless steels.

Related Knowledge

Now, I would like to talk about an IGCSE chemistry (0620) knowledge: Stainless steels

Stainless steels contain many metals like iron (Fe), chromium (Cr) and nickel, which is very strong and is resistant to corrosion.

On iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7, stainless steels are used because it is resistant to corrosion and even accidental cracking. That's why they can make later Apple products more durable.


Computer Science Knowledge

Phones and smart watches are technical products, so computer science knowledge is indispensable to explain their phenomena.

OLED Screen Technology

The first one is OLED screen technology, which is thinner and produces vivid images on the screen according to the environment.

Related Knowledge

Now, I would like to talk about an IGCSE computer science (0478) knowledge: LCD and OLED Screens

OLED does not require backlighting and it can be lit by itself with 2 electrodes around (anode and cathode), so it uses less power and it can be much thinner.

Its light is brighter and it has larger angles, so we can have a better experience while studying, working, relaxing and travelling.


Since iPhone X, newer iPhones use OLED screen.

OLED Screen on iPhone X

Ultra Wideband Technology

Another one is called: ultra wideband technology. Although it is beyond IGCSE, AS and A Level computer science syllabuses, it can be an extended knowledge like HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security).

The tranmission rate and bandwidth of ultra wideband is much higher than WiFi and bluetooth, so it can be used to determine distances and even directions between devices.

It was implemented since iPhone 11, which was initially used for sorting devices by distances when sharing things using AirDrop. However, it is then used on AirTag for precision finding.

AirTag on my bag


iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 use stainless steel and OLED screen. They can be explained by IGCSE chemistry and computer science knowledge. Stainless steel is strong and hard, while OLED screen can produce brighter light and vivid images with less energy.

If you like this article, please click the thumb up button below and share this article. Also, you can write down your comment below if you have any ideas. I am a top student, but I cannot guarantee that all knowledge mentioned are correct and accurate. If it has any errors, you can contact me to correct them.

Ken's Study Journey strives to provide high-quality articles about my tips and tutorials to study productively, together with some knowledge explanations. If you need help, I am here for you.

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