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Last Updated: Dec. 13th, 2019 6:30 AM

If you cannot understand this text, feel free to contact me (contacts are given below) and I am glad to help you to fully understand it.

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Hi everyone! My name is Ken. I am a Chinese Senior High Student and Blogger. Welcome to my Website and Blog!

From now on, the articles on my blog will comply with academic honesty to make sure my articles aren't plagiarized from other articles. You can see the references at the bottom of the articles (it may be hidden and show a 'View References' button instead).

1. What is Academic Honesty?

Academic Honesty is a rule that let students don't plagiarize other's work when doing their own work. Students also need to label references when using other's materials.

Students mustn't do the following behaviours without labelling references.

  1. Copy other's articles.
  2. Use the previous projects they have already made.
  3. Cheat in an examination.
  4. Make fake academic items. (e. g. CV, data)

2. Why do I need to obey Academic Honesty?

As I am a student, I have to obey with academic honesty to respect other's result. I strictly obey the academic honesty in my school, and I also obey it on my website and blog.

3. What I will do?

  1. Label the references at the end of a project if I used someone else's materials (e. g. blog articles, PowerPoint presentation, essay).
  2. Make my own projects by myself whether with or without other's suggestions.

4. What I will not do?

  1. Plagiarize other's materials without labelling the references.
  2. Cheat in an examination.
  3. Make fake academic items (e. g. CV, data)

5. What should you do when using my services?

You mustn't plagiarize my materials when doing your own work, especially you are a student. You should label the references while you are using my materials.

6. About this Policy

Everyone has rights to supervise about this. If you found I violated the policy, please report it by sending an email to me. The emails are shown on the contact page on my website.