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Last Updated: May 2nd, 2020 10:45 PM (taken effect on Jun. 1st, 2020)

If you cannot understand this text, feel free to contact me (contacts are given below) and I am glad to help you to fully understand it.

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Hello there! Welcome to Ken's New Study Strategy!

As I am an excellent student around my school and some of my extra curricula, I need to have a cozy and safe studying and working environment.

In order to keep my services safe and maintain a quiet, comfortable, and safe study environment, I made my Terms of Service to regulate people's behaviors while using my services.

1. About my Services

My name is Ken Deng and this is my personal website, so 'I', 'me', and 'my' in its services means 'Ken Deng'.

My service includes my personal website, apps, blog articles, and newsletters.

Anyone uses my services must agree with the Terms of Service and my Privacy Policy. If you don't agree with them, you should unsubscribe from my contents and stop to use my services.

Anyone uses my services must obey the Terms of Service. If you violate it, you will be banned from using my services.

2. Who can Use my Service?

Anyone can use my services, except spammers and spambots.

If you are under 12 years old, please use my services under the supervision by your parents.

If you are a parent and you allow your child/children to use my services, you have the right to supervise your child with the obedience of my Terms of Service.

If you are a hacker, please report the bugs in my service to me as you found. Disrupting the order in my service is strictly prohibited. Hacking into my server will cause my server to present an emergency Internet disconnection.

3. Languages

I speak English and Chinese (Simplified, Mandarin), all of my services are available in these languages (or part of them) and you can send me comments and messages in these languages.

You can choose a language that is suitable for yourself, or use translators or translation apps to translate them into the language you are speaking.

I have an 'English priority' principle. If there are some translation errors on my multilingual services and/or projects, the English version will be the original, unless noted otherwise.

Everyone has the right to report the mistakes in languages such as English grammatical mistakes. I will correct them and be cautious in the future.

Languages Availbility of my Services

Service English Chinese
My Personal Website
My Blog
My Programming Projects
My Books
Help from Me

4. Payments

Using my services is completely free (My Books and other real things Excepted) and you don’t need to pay any extra for my services.

You can cancel my service and refund your money in 30 days after paying.

I accept WeChat Pay and Alipay. I only accept CNY (Chinese Yuan).

You will not see any service payment buttons or payment codes except buying my things or donation. Any users have the right to refuse to pay for using my services if the payment shows unexpectedly.

The process of handing out my free things is completely free, you don't have to pay any extra to get my free things.

Reselling my free things are strictly prohibited (e. g. My Business Card, My Blog Articles).

5. Study from Me

Anyone can disassemble any of my programs if the local law permitted, but leaking any of the contents that you got by the disassembly process of my programs is strictly prohibited.

Any students, teachers, bloggers, and YouTubers can view my personal public things without my permission (e. g. My Business Card, My English Vocabulary Book, My Bookmark) to study things or ideas from me. You mustn't modify, damage, or take away them without my permission.

It is recommended to make friends with me so that you will be able to share your personal experiences and study better.

6. Equality

I obey a principle about equality. Anyone can use my services freely whatever the gender, racism, or country of the user is. Different kinds of people have the same right to use all of my services.

I never discriminate against people with their gender, racism or country whom from, and I never maltreat any visitors.

I may block some robots or ban some users who usually send spam messages or emails.

7. Assistance

I usually use my skills to help others, solve others' problems, interpret my contents as an understandable format, provide personal advice, make tutorials, and generate personal ideas. I am glad to help you.

You can request assistance at any time unless I don't have an opportunity for helping others. Just contact me on the contact page.

Getting help from me is completely free. You do not need to pay any extra for getting help.

I recommend You to Get Help from Me for the Following Situations

  1. Cannot understand my contents such as my blog articles, podcast contents, and YouTube videos.
  2. Cannot improve your study efficiency or score.
  3. Cannot establish a cozy studying or working environment.
  4. Found some bugs while you are programming and cannot fix them.
  5. Too much burden on studying.
  6. (etc.)

8. Account

In order to use my services better, you may create an account on my website.

You have to verify your phone number and/or email address when registering your account. It is required to provide your phone number to register an account (according to China Internet Security Act).

I will save and encrypt your password securely, and I will let you know if the passwords have been stolen by hackers.

Note: The account module on my website hasn't appeared yet. However, you can create your account in the future.

9. Subscriptions

Anyone can subscribe to my blog or email newsletter to get my new articles.

You can unsubscribe from my email newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe button on the email page.

The new content notifications will be sent to the subscribers by the system automatically. I never modify the subscriber details of my blog without your permission or send spams to subscribers.


Anyone has the rights to comment on my contents. The comment mustn't have prohibited contents.

I have the right to delete negative comments that can affect the views, subscribers amount, or my feelings, with or without notice.

I only accept comments in English and Chinese (both simplified and traditional). I will reply to them using the corresponding language. All comments in other languages will be deleted.

11. Censoring

My parents, my school and my teachers are allowed to censor my website, but please let me know before doing so.

I will not censor your contents on my website unless anti-spam requirement, law requirements, or tracing academic fraud.

I never review your content on third-party platforms (outside www.kendeng1603.com and its apps) without your permission.

12. Sharing and Advertisement

I never put some ads in my services. Using adblockers to block the ads on my website is allowed.

Sharing my contents are allowed. However, it is strictly prohibited to advertise my projects or blog articles with monetizing without my permission.

13. Deleted and Edited Content

Downloading the contents I will delete soon in advance is allowed, you don't need to delete the downloaded content in case I have deleted the content from my website and YouTube channel. Reading my deleted content from your local file is allowed.

Sharing my deleted content is strictly prohibited. For example, you can use Pocket Premium to save my website articles in case I delete them, but you can't share it out after I have deleted the original article. There is no penalty for sharing my contents before it has been deleted.

After I have edited a content, please share the latest version. Please do not share the previous version of my edited content.

14. Privacy Safety & Cookies

I care about your privacy, privacy safety is my responsibility. You can control my privacy usage by yourself.

My website uses Cookies and/or similar technologies to improve my services, let you have a better experience, browse my website better and safely, even for the anti-spam requirement.

I strictly not collect or share your private information (e. g. ID Card Number) unless the law requires.

For more information, please see my Privacy & Cookies Policy.

15. Anti-spam

I have my own automated anti-spam system, which can detect and take actions to the spam. They have the right to moderate and delete spam automatically, with or without notice.

My website also uses reCAPTCHA to reduce spam. You mustn't send spam comments or messages on my website.

You may send normal things to me, but sending me my prohibited contents is strictly prohibited, whether you are a spammer or not.

My newest anti-spam system can identify phishing scams and my prohibited contents. Do not attempt to send them.

Do not send a large number of votes in a short time to let me make some negative decisions when using the voting feature. Otherwise, you will be banned from voting for up to 15 days.

I have zero tolerance with spam messages, comments, and emails. Any spam email senders will get an immediate report to the email provider, with or without warning.

Do not attempt to change your details (e. g. IP address, name, email address) or use special characters to evade my anti-spam system. Otherwise, I will perform a full cleanup on my website and it will suspend serving.

You can send the following content to me:

  1. Your normal comments, messages, and letters
  2. Your problems
  3. Your suggestions and ideas
  4. Pointing my mistakes
  5. Thank letters
  6. Saying 'Hello!'
  7. Asking me some knowledge (if you are a student)
  8. Share your own experiences
  9. (etc.)

You mustn’t send the following content to me:

The following content must not be sent to me, whether you are a spammer or not. Otherwise, you will be banned from sending comments on my website for up to 15 days.

  1. Pornography, reactionary, vulgar information
  2. Offering me any services (e. g. SEO, Website Design, Search Engine Page Ranking)
  3. Phishing scams
  4. Force me to do an urgent reply
  5. Force me to view your previous email/message you have already sent to me
  6. (etc.)

16. Academic Honesty

I am obeying the academic honesty rules and never plagiarize other's articles. Also, my school is going to manage the academic honesty strictly.

If you are a student, parent or teacher, you are required to obey academic honesty rules.

I will label the references information at the bottom of my articles clearly to make sure my articles are not plagiarized from other's articles, such as name, published date, publish house information, link, etc.

Anyone can copy and paste my articles and other contents on my website, but you need to obey the academic honesty rules, label the references information in your projects. Plagiarizing my team's articles without labeling the references is strictly prohibited.

For more information, please see our Academic Honesty Policy.

17. Prohibited Actions

By using my services, you agree not to

  1. Hack into my website, systems, or servers.
  2. Leak my privacy without my permission. (e. g. ID Card Number, Bank Card Password)
  3. Send spam messages, emails, or comments to me by batch.
  4. Send negative comments on my blog articles.
  5. Destroy my website or servers.
  6. Resell my free things.
  7. Infringe my copyright.
  8. Plagiarize my articles without labeling references (no academic honesty).
  9. Trespassing into my private areas.
  10. Interrupt me while I am studying.
  11. Trespass into my website's backend or administration page.
  12. Trespass into my devices.

18. Copyright

My blog articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, audio articles, the images on my website, and my projects are copyrighted unless noted otherwise.

Reblogging my blog articles are allowed, and you can put my audio article into your reblogged article.

Removing the watermark of my sources is allowed such as images, and you can use all of my sources personally. However, you mustn't resell them without my permission.

I will not publish copyrighted contents as I can. But sometimes I may publish copyrighted contents by mistakes.

If my contents (e. g. my website blog articles) infringes your copyright, you need to tell me about this. I will delete the content within 7 days after you told me.

19. Termination

I have the right to limit, suspend, or terminate you from using my services, I must let you know when I am doing this. I will tell you the period of limitation or suspension and/or the ways to unsuspend your account.

I have the right to limit, suspend, or terminate your account, or temporarily block your IP address in case you have violated my Terms of Service. You will see that there are some instructions to unsuspend or unblock yourself.

After I have suspended or terminated you, you can request a refund if you have purchased my paid products.

You can delete your account, unsubscribe from my blog contents and YouTube videos, and stop accessing my website and my YouTube channel when you don't want to use my services at any time.

20. Indemnify

You agree to indemnify to me. If you violate the Terms of Service or disrupt my orders and then cause me loss, you have to indemnify me at the same price to the lost.

If I damage or destroy your things, I also have to indemnify to you. For example, my website and my apps should not damage your devices.

21. Disclaimer

I don't promise my services always work normally. My services may not work for some reasons.

If there is an error of my services, I will fix it immediately, but it may take a few hours to fix, please be patient.

If you see an error of my services by yourself, please tell me immediately.

You can see my service status on the status page.

I will not indemnify to you if

  1. My website, server, or systems have been hacked.
  2. My server is crashed for some reason (e. g. spam messages).
  3. My website or blog is temporarily out of service for special reasons (e. g. My study tasks is harder than blogging or vlogging).
  4. There is a natural disaster (e. g. Conflagration, Earthquake, Flooding).
  5. My parents or schools censor my personal website.
  6. You have violated the Terms of Service.

22. Legal

My services are based in the People Republic of China (PRC), you also need to obey laws in China while using my services.

You must not send any contents that violate the laws of the People Republic of China and your local laws.

I may change my Terms and Conditions when allowed by the laws of the People Republic of China.

If my Terms and Conditions conflict with your local laws, please let me know immediately. You should temporarily violate my Terms of Service and obey the local laws during this period and you will not be penalized.

23. Change

I may change the Terms and Conditions at any time. When I make new Terms and Conditions, I will send the notifications to my fans and subscribers to let them know my new rules and policies.

After I have updated my rules and policies, if you want to continue to use my services, make sure you agree with my new rules and policies. If you don't agree with my new rules and policies, please unsubscribe from my contents and stop to use my services.

24. About the Terms

You must not violate any of the terms as you use my services. Make sure you have read and accepted the Terms of Service before using my services.

If you have any questions or doubts about the terms, please contact me and I will help you to understand them.

The right of final interpretation of this policy belongs to me.