My personal rules regulate my behaviors, arrange my daily study routine properly, and avoid from being interrupted while I am studying or working.

In order to regulate my behaviors, have a cozy studying environment, improve my study efficiency, and have better results, I made my personal rules.

What are my personal rules?

My personal rules have been separated to the following aspects:

  • Study Aspect
  • Traveling Aspect
  • Social and Internet Aspect
  • Self-management and Body Aspect
  • Privacy Safety Aspect
  • Anti-mischief Aspect
  • Virtual Careers Aspect
  • Facilities and Equipment Aspect

The History of my Personal Rules

The first version of my personal rules originate from the inspirations of the English Spelling Bee competition 2019 in Beijing, China.

Then, I have modified my personal rules, which is called: Study Strategy 2.0 and has more benefits. It has a point system. The point deducts if I violate my personal rules. On the other hand, points will be awarded if I get prizes or I have been praised.

And then, my Study Strategy 3.0 has been made after a few months.

Right now, I have created a new personal rule for 2020, which is much stricter than last year’s.

Major Differences between 2019 and 2020 Rules

Aspect 2019 2020
Prize and Punishment Point Rules No
Monetizing from Virtual Careers No more than 250 CNY per month Prohibited
Tasks Distribution in a To-do List By Importance By Category
Maximum Money Spending Limitation 750 CNY per day 1,250 CNY per day

My Newest Personal Rules 2020

In the past few months, I have been creating my ultrastrict personal rules 2020, which can make my life safer and improve my study efficiency.

There is no penalty for violating any of the rules unless the action causes severe results. My goal is to be obedient to the rules consciously.

This is a trial period of my personal rules, I may change my rules at any time depending on the realizability of my rules and the situations in my real life.

Anyone has rights to view my rules, supervise on my behaviors, and report the violations of my personal rules.

My rules are only valid for myself. Don’t worry, you don’t need to follow my rules at all.

Last Updated: May 29, 2020 10:45 PM

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Some Strict Rules (and Why I have Created them)

1. Penalties for suspending my accounts by mistakes

I have a strict rule for Internet services suspending, disabling, terminating, or deleting my user account by mistakes.

On January 2019, a month before I created and opened my personal website, my Twitter account was suspended at a midnight (approx. 1:00 AM, GMT+8, China Standard Time) when I had been talking with my Internet friends normally, especially some YouTuber friends. Then, I unsuspended my account after I get up.

In order to prevent the incidents like this, I have set some penalties for Internet services who suspend, disable, terminate, or delete my user account. One of them is to write an English persuasive essay about the drawbacks of the service. This is an example:

Twitter Drawback Writing Question

By the way, I can practice my English writing skills.

Rule Location: Social and Internet > 2

2. Signs in my Bedroom

In order to stop my bad habits and improve my self-management skills, I have added some signs with icons in my bedroom.

They show the directions and instructions to do things. They can remind me to do my things correctly and faster.

If I follow the signs in my bedroom, I will always feel relaxed although there are so many tasks.

The signs in my bedroom:

Rule Location: Self-management and Body > 1 and 2

This is the end of the introduction of my personal rules. I hope you can have a good study strategy, improve your study efficiency, and make more friends.