I live in Phoenix City, Guangzhou

Phoenix City is a good place to live in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, China. It has some good places to go, such as Jizhidao, Dongmen Shopping Street, Phoenix City Hotel, Xinghui Square, Phoenix Sports and Recreation Club, etc. and it has a school, called: Phoenix City International School. It also has a Traffic Center in Jizhidao that have shuttle buses that run around the Phoenix City.

In Xinghui Square, there is a supermarket, a movie theater and some small shops.

It close to a subway station, it is Xintang Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 13 (13|09).

I live in Phoenix City

I live right there, and I am a junior high student from International Junior High Section (MYP), Phoenix City International School.

I usually go to Aipei English to have an English extra class (View my Schedule) and Xinghui Square for shopping and watching movies.

I also go to the Phoenix Sports and Recreation Club occasionally to take some exercises.

There are a lot of foreigners right there, especially in Jizhidao, so I have an opportunity to practice my English ability and promote my YouTube Channel with foreigners (Read the Article).

I am going to hand out my YouTube Channel Promotion Cards to foreigners in Phoenix City, or around Guangzhou. Once I successfully handed out, the video will be shown here.

The Map of Phoenix City


Map made by Amap (高德地图)

View Full Map on Amap (高德地图)

English Map

How to go to Phoenix City?

You should go to the traffic center first.

  • Go there by bus 372 - Phoenix City Avenue (凤凰城大道站).
  • Go there by metro Line 13 - Xintang Station (新塘站) exit D, then go there by bus 372 - Phoenix City Avenue (凤凰城大道站).

Then, you can go to another part of Phoenix City by riding the Shuttle Buses, the Phoenix City Resident ID card is required to do this.

Also, you can go to the Dongmen Shopping Street directly by the bus 372 - Dongmen Shopping Street (东门商业街站).

If you need further directions, instructions or any assistance, please contact me.


Jizhidao, Phoenix City

Traffic Center

Phoenix City Hotel

Dongmen Shopping Street

Xinghui Square

Phoenix Ancient Station (New!)

More photos are coming soon...

Introduction video is coming soon...

Have any questions? Feel free to contact me! I live in Phoenix City!

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  1. Oh wow, so glad I found this, a real blast from the past! I was a teacher there at Phoenix City for 3 years, leaving in July 2015. I really miss Guangzhou, and China- you made me cry reminiscing over all the pics from the Traffic Centre <3 !

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